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November 2, 2015 7:27 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Nora awakens in the midst of an earthquake to find Kevin missing; the Murphys are left reeling after Evie's disappearance; Kevin returns home with no memory of the night before; an old enemy returns.
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Man I love Patti, she's my favorite thing about this show. The story about her husband at the motel was just delicious, a nice absurd note of humor in the otherwise unrelenting bleakness and alienation of The Leftovers. One of the recaps reminds us that in season 1 she left a bag of shit on her ex's doorstep; now we know why.

With the girls' supposed disappearance, I find myself thinking back on the cold open of the first episode, the Clan of the Cave Bear scene of the woman with her baby. What could that possibly mean?

Also struck that Erika's hearing aids were so visible. I never noticed them before, but they were in previous episodes. In interviews the actress discusses that choice for the character: here and here. Apparently it's just a character detail, not a big deal.

I also liked Erika's story about her twins being born months apart. That's not completely unheard of but it's definitely unusual.
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I was confused for a bit until I realized this is the post for last week's episode, not this week's. Just wanted to point that out to stave off further confusion.
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never gonna giiiive you up, never gonna leeet you gooo
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Carrie Coon is the heart of this show. All of the characters are interesting in a kind of novelistic, well-drawn kind of way. And they all play their parts in the larger thematic constructions and in the narrative. But Carrie Coon's character... my heart just breaks for her, everything she does. She's damaged, but I like her, and I'm rooting for her.
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never gonna giiiive you up, never gonna leeet you gooo

I wonder what are the chances are this will be the opening credit song of season three.
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