The Good Wife: Hearing
March 6, 2016 9:10 PM - Season 7, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Alicia and Jason get it on. Everyone invades her apartment while they do it. Veronica got Madoffed...or not. Diane has firm plans that don't involve all current staff. Oh yeah, and Peter's grand jury hearing is going on. Speaking of hearing....

I didn't take notes on this out of sheer lazy, but I'll try to recap:

Let's Get It On:
Alicia and Jason are happily boinking and love nesting when Veronica, followed by Owen, followed by Eli and Elsbeth's ex-husband and their dog, all invade her apartment on a Sunday. Veronica yells that she's been Madoffed and of course storms in to see Jason and is DELIGHTED. She and Owen immediately want him to stay for bagels. Then Eli and Elsbeth's ex-husband (Mark? Anyway, he's Peter's lawyer now) come over to warn Alicia she's about to be subpoena'd. Then the process server comes--want some bagels? Sure!

The Hearing: Alicia goes to the hearing (Matthew Morrison is the prosecution and he's also called in Ruth and Hlavin the fishy agent guy) and hides in the handicapped bathroom to call Jason, and then realizes she can overhear the grand jury proceedings in there. She tells Eli, who does his best to hog the bathroom as a parade of disabled people need to use it. Eli figures out this involves 2012 and "V-Lock." What's that? NOBODY KNOWS. Seriously, Peter's done so much shit, why aren't we nabbing him for something the audience has heard of?

Madoffed! Was Veronica scammed? Is she just dumb? Well, she's on a list of people who are easy to Jason sends her and Owen in to get some incriminating evidence. Jason will figure out something to do with that, I'm sure.

That All Female Firm Rumor: This is apparently more or less true, as Diane takes Alicia to lunch, is all "no hard feelings," and says she wants Cary out (amazingly, David Lee doesn't come up in this) because he's not quite the new Will and Alicia is. So yeah, she may actually want that. Alicia blabs this to Lucca, who otherwise has the episode off.

Alicia Is Still Nailing Jason And Is Really Super Enjoying It And Not Even Drinking: Just so you know.
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Aww, was this Owen's send-off? I always liked him. Veronica is best in small doses, unless she's having a scene with David Lee in which case, more of that.

Also I love how Will Patton just appears out of nowhere and then always introduces Tom.

Finally, after all these long years, the advantage of Having the Governor's Wife on the Masthead is acknowledged. Note that Alicia doesn't mention to Diane that Peter is being investigated (again) by a grand jury which might put a dent in that benefit. But more partnership drama in the offing (sigh). At the end, it sounds like Luca is the voice of reason. Also Diane's scheme to just have women partners but co-ed associates doesn't seem viable, aren't all associates gunning for partnership? Not to mention that suddenly "Cary is no Will", wth?

Fan service: "Where's Grace?"
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Also, including those clips from "Roar" cracked me up.
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