Last Man on Earth: Pitch Black
March 6, 2016 10:25 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Welcome back to Earth, Mike Miller! Now let's see if you can survive it!

This is a mostly solo episode all about Mike, as he crash-lands on an abandoned cruise ship and uses some kind of inflatawaterbike to leave it. He finds another ship in the ocean, has a snack and finds some clothes, and then finds it's inhabited by Pat, who introduces himself as the last man on earth. Not any more, Mike says!

Anyway, Pat is reasonably afraid of The Virus and has been living at sea ever since, only occasionally puttering into the nearest land (Miami Beach) for supplies. When he goes, he and Mike go in hazmat suits (or whatever they are), which seems quite reasonable under the circumstances since we don't know if either is immune to the virus, if it's still around. We do find out everyone's ice cream preferences, watch The Last Tennis Game On Earth and oh, what happened to the bodies--they're all bagged down at a quarantine zone, apparently.

However, Mike spots an "alive in Tuscon" sign and gets all happy--he's been going on all along about how his family could still be alive--and Pat smacks him on the head for that. It looks like Pat was going to clean him off and bring him back to the boat, but after seeing a rip in the suit he leaves Mike for dead at the quarantine center. With a note about RIP Spaceman. Mike decides to head for Tuscon. Phil the worm stays with Pat.

Phil Tandy isn't in this episode or at least Will Forte isn't, but Mike hallucinates a totally annoying child version of Phil Tandy whenever he's in trouble. Good god, the Millers are weird and annoying.
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I liked this episode. It was fun. Had to really suspend my disbelief that anyone could survive the capsule crashdown, or that the giant steel cruise ship would be sunk by a necessarily light space capsule, but suspending disbelief is kinda what you do with this show. It was pretty clear that Pat was not going to be an ongoing character, but I'm glad they didn't kill him off. I was expecting him to get a rip in his suit in the fight and to die of the virus.
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I also really liked this one. It was a good interlude in the ongoing dissolution of the Malibu colony.

I wonder how many Pats are out there, convinced that any overture to assemble is a Gubmint Trap of some kind.
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