Sleepy Hollow: Dawn's Early Light
March 26, 2016 1:00 PM - Season 3, Episode 16 - Subscribe

With the Hidden One growing stronger, Crane looks to his past with Betsy Ross to find the key to stopping him; Ezra Mills reaches out to his daughters; Reynolds has a brush with the supernatural.
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That was some National Treasure/Sleepy Hollow S1 level American history silliness, so goofy I didn't even mind Betsy Ross' presence. (It helped that it seemed likely to be her last appearance of the season/series, fingers crossed.)
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Yup. I just wish THO was more... menacing. Headless, before he was turned into a jilted lover with a face, was a real threat because he'd pop up somewhere and shoot the place up the with a shotgun, chop off the head of The Kurgan or something. THO just goes on and on about his godly powers, but it's hard to feel him as a menace when he hasn't done a thing to deserve any respect.

If Pandora is really pulling a face-turn, it's really kind of disappointing. THO has constantly been a dick to her, and I've been calling it since he appeared. It would be more interesting if her gameplan was actually pull a backstab on both Witnesses and THO, and her box is just a plot to harness his powers to her desires.

About Betsy Ross, has any actor ever been credited in the opening with less screen time than Nikki Reed?
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I liked a lot of things about this episode. The historical stuff was very Sleepy Hollow S1 levels of goofy, but it also (for me at least) was Sleepy Hollow S1 levels of fun. That fire-slinging undead colonial was a better villain that The Hidden One has ever been in all his screen time. Even the relationship drama was handled pretty nicely and felt like it was going places rather than just spinning in circles. Is it too soon to say they're trying to get their groove back? Yeah it probably is and will be until they get Headless back and shooting up a museum or something.

Also: I would watch the holy hell out of an episode that was absolutely nothing but "Abby takes Crane to see Hamilton".
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I stumbled over some Sleepy Hollow/Hamilton fanfic back before I finally bought the Hamilton soundtrack, I should go look for some on purpose now that I can appreciate it.
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I somehow ended up writing a giant Sleepy Hollow/Hamilton thing with four co-authors and (so far) 13 installments, so I should probably watch this? But I haven't actually been watching the show since November (it had gotten pretty dreadful by the time I left off) and it hasn't hindered my writing at all, so I'm conflicted.
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