The Good Wife: Unmanned
March 28, 2016 7:24 PM - Season 7, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Diane and Alicia deal with a case involving drones, and come up against Caitlin who used to work with them. (Things aren't going so well for her, but she kicks ass in course.) Marissa's getting harassed by Connor Fox, which leads Eli to....let's just say I don't think he's going to end well. More "all female law firm" machinations lead Cary to get the hell out. Peter finds out about Alicia boinking Jason and this leads to Alicia finally saying something we've all waited for for 6.5 years.

A Drone Story: Moral of the story: you can't stop drones. You can't stop them in court, you can't say they're interfering with the sanctity of your private business, you can't shoot them with a gun, you can't shoot them with a specialized drone shooter. Which is all very depressing.

The All Women Man Haters Club: Alicia gets a new office and a name partnership courtesy of Diane while Howard, David and Cary are unhappy and continue to suspect something's wrong. Cary hits his damn limit and decides to quit this shit, which made me want to cheer for him madly. Oh yeah, and he's getting subpoena'd in Peter's case for whatever reason.

(Seriously, I hate this mysterious case because Peter has done so much shit and why can't we know if it's something we already know about or not that's bringing him down? ALSO WHAT ABOUT THE DAMN VOTING MACHINES?!?!)

Eli's Up Shit Creek: Frankly, I'm not sure I understand this damn case at all, but somehow Connor Fox is harassing Marissa at work (and he tapped her phone) as a way of getting to Eli. Which leads to Eli hiring Diane as his lawyer since he can't get a Tascioni, and it sounds like he's going to jail. Whaaaa?

AFTER SEVEN YEARS I WANT A DIVORCE! Peter walks into Alicia's apartment and finds Jason lounging about with coffee and literally smacks the coffee out of his hand and tells him to leave. This leads Jason to be a bit avoidant of Alicia, and Alicia is not having that. Plus she stomps into Peter's office and tells him she wants a divorce. So after 6.5 years, this is the final straw of divorce, apparently? This is the tipping point? Alicia snarks that yes, she waited to line up another dude before asking, but...and she also has some snark about how he's always getting indicted or whatever that I wish I could recall enough to quote back. Anyway, Peter eventually says he'll give her a divorce and not contest it, but he wants her to keep it quiet for a bit so it doesn't look like she's divorcing him because he's guilty. Alicia's next line is cut off by the end of the show.

Oh yeah, and HAMILTON REFERENCE: Leslie Odom Jr. randomly shows up wearing a hoodie with a blazer in court. Whaaaat?
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I don't care how the writers decide to end Cary's story, based on this episode I have created this fanfiction I will going forward regard as canon:

He moved to Colorado to specialize in representing people in the developing legal pot industry, made a lot of money, and burned down a lot of spliffs. He lived to 127.
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I suspect Eli won't end up in the hoosegow. Even though Fox *could* prosecute him, somehow I think doing so would compromise Peter's trial. Not quite sure how though. Clearly Fox wants (needs?) Eli's testimony. Is his case that vulnerable that he can't afford to move ahead without it?

Regardless, it is great that Eli has taken this stand to insulate Marissa.
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Waiting for the nuclear bomb to explode...nice episode...
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That was the end of Cary. Didn't that feel like the end for Cary to you?

I am mourning their relationship. The first season they were rivals and he did some sleezy things to undermine her, he's a villain! then he went to the SA's office and found an ethical way to help her win a case against him. Then he's back at the firm and they are both getting jerked around by the partners so he approached her about breaking away. So good, they had each others's back. For a while anyway. Then she brings Diane on as a partner without telling him and drops everything to run for SA, the death spiral.

Again this week Diane pointed out having Alicia on the letterhead is good for business. Since it has only been mentioned these last couple weeks while Peter has been SA/governor/running for president for several seasons, I assume it is tied into his upcoming disgrace... Alicia agrees to postpone the divorce until after his trial, becoming a liability for the firm?
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Well this episode was lively at least.

Agree completely about the back-and-forth with Cary. Make up your minds, people.
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