RuPaul's Drag Race: New Wave Queens
March 30, 2016 9:41 AM - Season 8, Episode 4 - Subscribe

DEBBIE HARRY!* --and Blondie bandmade Chris Stein, who more than proves his worth by calling out the Drag Race sin of a contestant wearing the same shoes for two competitive events-- are on hand for a New-Wave themed challenge: the queens must write lyrics for and perform an '80s-throwback song (backing track provided by you-know-who, also judging) in front of a live studio audience. Runway theme: neon. Kim Chi's makeup: cubist. Street meat: delicious.

*Unless and until they get Madonna, Diana Ross, Cher, and George Takei on a panel together, we have achieved peak gay icon star power.
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Thoughts from this episode:

I feel like Derrick Berry is being set up for a "redemption" narrative over the season ("Look, she DID learn!") and I'm not super-happy about it. Everything I've seen of her on the show, and season-promo interview on YouTube, something about her personality just rubs me the wrong way. I suspect she may be a #meangirl.

Not unhappy to see Naysha sashay away. Glad she had a good attitude about it.

Even though I got annoyed when she was being moody during the challenge, Chi Chi is slowly winning my heart. On Untucked there are more very sweet scenes of all the girls (Betty!) lending a hand and helping her prep before she has to lip sync. I know from some previous seasons that Untucked is sometimes all about the drama-drams, but I actually love that it's sort of showing "Look! These are all hardworking pros who can be friendly and supportive of one another, because they all know how crazy-stressful this environment is."

Thorgy continues to do no wrong. (Even annoying Bob with sighs—HAH—I'm glad they managed to work it out.) I know it's sort of basic because they are some of the more experienced, but I wouldn't be sad for a #TeamNewYork top three with Bob, Thorgy, and Acid Betty. Though I'm also here for some of the newer talents, too: Chi Chi, Naomi Smalls. And throw Kim Chi in there too.
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This was one of my all-time favorite Drag Race challenges- especially considering its deep connection to Ru's early career (some of which was documented by people like Nelson Sullivan).

-Even though Les Chicken Wings won, I think Street Meatz actually captured their style and era the best of all three groups (I didn't really get a lot of the notes Lucian gave them during rehearsal. The B-52s weren't over-the-top? However, Bob was very gracious with her apology). Thorgy's hat was perfect.

-Les Chicken Wings had a fantastic name and a fantastic song, but they could have gone way more trash with their looks. I'm talking New York Dolls trash ( you call your loverboy?). Nevertheless, Robbie Turner fucking killed it with "Get your vinyl in the back!"

-Dragometry should have listened more to Lucian when it came to their performance and done more of an in-unison monotone (Derrick), and more robotic moves. They also should have listened more to Chi Chi when it came to their looks (even if she was having a diva moment). And Betty was absolutely right about Klaus Nomi.

-Kim Chi's runway make-up was amazing, but I feel like that's all she is right now- just a bunch of really well-assembled runway looks with nothing behind it.

-Bob's challenge look and runway look were both outstanding.

-I can't get over how into Drag Race Chris Stein is. Like I couldn't love Blondie any more. I was dying when he clocked Chi Chi for the boots.
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I feel like Derrick Berry is being set up for a "redemption" narrative over the season ("Look, she DID learn!") and I'm not super-happy about it.

My name is MCMikeNamara and I am here for any and all Derrick Barry shade throwing even though I can't quite figure out why (beyond the reasons you gave).

I have developed a huge soft spot for Chi Chi as a person, even though I'm sort of meh about Chi Chi as a performer, and I want her to stay much longer than she probably will.
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I feel exactly the same about Chi Chi. I would love to see her in the top 3.

I don't begrudge Robbie Turner the win, but I hated her runway look.
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My feeling about Derrick is that she isn't a drag queen, she's a Britney impersonator.
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My feeling about Derrick is that she isn't a drag queen, she's a Britney impersonator.
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Your feeling is accurate.
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