RuPaul's Drag Race: Snatch Game
April 5, 2016 9:53 AM - Season 8, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Everyone seems to try their best at the now annual panel game show celebrity-imitation event. Some do well (twice), some dodge bullets (you have one job, Derrick), some might have been better off with the fake-out roadkill maxi-challenge instead of what they ended up with. (#CreatureCouture)
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Man, after last year's battle for the embodiment of Donatella, it's kind of disappointing that both of the queens who were considering doing Whoopi walked away from it. (Though Naomi, I'm rooting for you to pull it together, but why would you choose The Color Purple - a.k.a. The Least Funny Whoopi?)

I'm kind of disappointed they went back to the well of Britney and Carol Channing (much as I love Bob), but at least no one was playing another drag queen this time... Lady Bunny aside, it's just not the spirit of the game.

Eartha: great.
Thorgy: Points off for wearing basically the same wig as MJ and Madonna. (which: what?)
Betty: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK ILL OF THE SNATCH. Just because your Nancy Grace was halfway to Linda Tripp, the game is not the problem, lady.
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Betty was unbelievably, horribly bad. I can't believe she wasn't savvy enough to actually work something up. I know she thinks she's the shit, but man it takes a huge ego to assume you can give Snatch Game a complete whiff and be fine. She also didn't bother trying much with the lip sync. I'm eager to see what goes down on Untucked.

Bob is a killer talent, and poor Thorgy, who would have Bob's wins in any other season, just has to stand in 2nd place and observe. I love them both, and they still occupy my top 3 along with a shifting Kim/Chi Chi.

I've never been so disappointed in a "dress like your favorite Madonna" event. Kimono Madonna is dull even if you're the only one. Where was Papa Don't Preach Madonna? Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show tits out Madonna? Blonde Ambition Madonna? Marie Antoinette Vogue Madonna? COME ON THERE ARE SO MANY MADONNAS.
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This whole episode was really meh for me. Snatch Game is always more misses than hits, but even the "hits" for this episode were pretty tepid. Bob did great with his two(!!!!) characters on Snatch Game, but I thought the idea was to be able to be funny with your chosen character, not do a quick hit with a character and then change costume and do another quick hit with another one. If that's allowed in the rules, why wouldn't every queen decide to do 4 or 5 characters for every Snatch Game, just to get that one joke in?

The rest of! There wasn't anything truly funny going on in Snatch Game. Everybody just did a quick whiff of what their celebrity was, but nobody was entirely clever or witty, just kind of mildly chuckle-worthy.

I think all the queens wanted to avoid cliche in their Madonna looks, and the kimono look is kind of outside of the normal looks, but not outside enough, apparently.

I think Naomi should have gone home over Betty, but I get easily bored with beautiful skinny youngsters who walk out in lingerie/swimwear all the time and rest on their faces. Those two lip syncs were workmanlike, which is kind of sad to me.
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I mean at some point some of them had to have been like "oh you're also wearing a kimono?" They get dressed in the same room, come on. I guess I'll see what they have to say on Untucked.
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On one hand, I totally see it as a bit of a cheat for Bob to do 2 characters. On the other, I really wanted to see Bob's Carol Channing and I'm glad I did.
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How has Derrick Barry not yet been eliminated? Ugh. I thought his Britney was cricket chirping unfunny.
Bob the Drag Queen reading a Crazy Eyes poem as a Snatch Game answer gave me life.
I'm not a Madonna fan, but man oh man there could have been so much more on that runway!! I have to give Acid Betty credit for at least doing something different.
Did any of y'all watch this week's Fashion Photo RuView? I love that Raja got Top Toot!!
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Just had to post this amazing read of Bob (not by an RPDR queen so no spoilers that haven't been in the S8 trailer).
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My guess at top 3, at this point, is Bob, Kim, and Chi Chi with Thorgy getting the Katya/BenDela/Pandora treatment (fan fave sent home by one of the season's lip sync assassins, probably Chi Chi in this case) and Miss Congenitality. But I could be overfitting.
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(That is total speculation and not in any way a spoiler btw)
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