RuPaul's Drag Race: Wizards of Drag
April 12, 2016 10:03 AM - Season 8, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The library opens! Plus a Wonderful Wizard of Oz-themed makeover challenge featuring the cast of Little Women: L.A. and (wait for it) interpretive dance. Seven become six; Marc Jacobs continues to age backwards.
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I prayed for a double Rulimination. Alas.
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I'm getting a little bit tired of the storylines already. Bob is cocky, so he must stumble (I'm assuming this was the "stumble," though it wasn't anything at all). Thorgy is bitter, and she may or may not get over her envy of Bob's wins. Derrick is Britney, but she broke out of the Britney box by wearing a Britney look and doing Britney moves to some other singer in the LSFYL. Naomi didn't wear underwear as outerwear, so she's AMAZING! Kim Chi is awesome because who needs a queen who can actually walk or act or dance? Robbie's out, because....well, someone had to go.

Oh, and ChiChi is ready for her redemption. She was unable to make it on a budget, but she will soon!
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Sure, the storylines are pure reality TV silliness — Bob is so clearly going to be top 3 they need to obfuscate it a bit and throw in a little fake suspense — but I can't be mad at an episode that gave us the laying down of the brooms, the picking up of the brooms, the exchanging of the brooms, etc. And I legit liked Naomi and Kim Chi's looks. Also Marc Jacobs, hello.

I cannot fricking believe Robbie intentionally took off her wig and shoes. That's the international signal for "please send me the fuck home." I will reluctantly concede that Derrick did a good job turning the lip-sync even though I was distracted by her make-up, which was terrible (terrible, terrible).
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Getting very shady with the tag selection! This was kind of meh for me, the makeover episodes are always hit or miss. I agree that the storylines are a bit heavy handed now and I think it's a shame Betty went when she did - she would have had an interesting take on the makeover, and since no one else had much of an interesting take on it...
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Agree that this episode was not my favorite... although Thorgy's runway look I really love; Chi Chi and Naomi were clear winners this week, too, nice pick Ru.

I'm really hoping they're only keeping Derrick as "girl-you-love-to-hate" because I am so ready for her to go. Her attempts to be shady to the other girls are not at ALL keeping up with the level of low-quality looks she is putting out there.

To me, it's all about who will be joining Thorgy and Bob in the top three... Chi Chi? Naomi Smalls? Or Kim Chi?
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I kind of don't mind Derrick; I just wish she weren't so defensive about eeeeverything. I don't think it's a problem that her "thing" is 90s pop-star ingenue, necessarily - lots of queens draw heavily from a specific vintage. It's more that she wastes time trying to one-up the other queens when she should really be taking notes on what they're doing. (Also if she doesn't stop making awkwardly offensive racial jokes I will probably cringe to death, not a good look for either of us.)
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It is such a travesty that we lost Acid before the makeover and ball challenges. I weep for the runways that will not be.
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ugh ikr. Acid in Oz, it's almost redundant.
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On close rewatch, Robbie's wig started to fall off, and then she just flung it. I think you can see on her face "well, shit, I'm done" as it happens.

Last week, I would have agreed that the only real thing in contention is who is third, but I'm starting to be less certain that Thorgy is a lock. She and Bob are playing the same game, and Bob will always win it. A more interesting top 3 - better tv, more fan engagement - would involve 3 different drag tropes. So you get Bob (funny one), Naomi (pretty one), and Kim Chi (weird one) or Chi Chi (plucky one). I'm hoping for that now, as much as I think Thorgy might have won in another season.
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Throgy actually annoys the fuck out of me. She's always trying to TELL us how fab she is, professional musician, blah, blah, blah. We get it, you're smart. She's very polished and engaging as well. But Bob has IT and Throgy has 'it'. Two very different things.
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I think it may be Bob, Kim Chi and Chi Chi in the final 3. I think Chi Chi has a 3rd place, non-villain edit, and it would be three entirely different stories. I agree that Thorgy and Bob have a lot of the same skills, so I'm expecting that Thorgy will get the "gone just before top 3" treatment that a lot of the favorites got, and will probably win Miss Congeniality for it.
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I will be so, so happy if Chi Chi makes it in to the top 3. Her chances are probably good-not-great, but she is SUCH A LOVELY PERSON and totally the queen I'd most like to hang out with if given the chance.

For the win, I'm pulling for Bob. Would also accept Kim Chi, Thorgy, or Naomi (or obviously Chi Chi!). Basically anyone but Britney (not that I'm too worried about that happening).

I assume someone's already posted this in one of these threads, but Bob the Drag Queen doing Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" is uh.may.zing.
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Or maybe they'll do another double elimination and invite Katya back in the 11th hour.

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In preparation for tomorrow: Anxi's You Hem It Well (ft. Derrick Barry) (via reddit)
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I wish that was longer so it wouldn't have to feel like such a weirdo clicking the button to play it 3 times.
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