RuPaul's Drag Race: The Realness
May 3, 2016 3:29 PM - Season 8, Episode 9 - Subscribe

There is a video shoot. There is comic mugging, fashion, posing, and dance. There is a surprise appearance by a former winner (whose own comedy special is airing next week instead of a clip show). There are tears, and a four-way lip synch. There are three finalists.
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Wow! I really thought Naomi was going home, the way they were debating if she was "at the level." Either way, still a really competitive Top 3 (I don't feel Bob has it in the bag, though I would be happy with a Bob win.... I wonder if Kim Chi could swoop in for the crown.) I would be surprised by a Naomi win just because I don't feel I know what her drag really is yet... Bob and Kim Chi are so well defined.
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I guess I understand the decision, but I love Chi Chi so much and it breaks my heart a little to see her go. It does surprise me that her incredibly strong performance in the music video didn't count for more.

It struck me, watching this episode, what an amazingly supportive, loving group of queens we had in the Top Four. Will we ever see their like again?
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A few things struck me last night. As pretty as she is, I still don't get what Naomi does. Like, of the four, the ones I would pay to go see are Bob and Chi Chi. Kim Chi 's artistry is amazing, and what I would love would be to see her on Project Runway. She would slay those bitches cold. But while she could be funny off camera, it seems like she still is pretty awkward in on camera performances.

I'm sad to see Chi Chi go, but I have to say overall this season has been sooooooo much better than last year. Can we just pretend last year never happened and have Bianca come back to give the crown to Bob (fingers crossed)?
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I've been watching Drag Race since the very first season that looked like it was shot in RuPaul's basement. I've never enjoyed the penultimate episode more than this one. There is no obnoxious villain queen forcing unneeded drama. Instead, we get four talented queens, all who could take, and deserve, the crown. I hope RuPaul/World of Wonder learns that this makes good television.

Anyway, #TeamBob all the way. While Kim Chi is a brilliant artist, but I feel like Bob could make the most out of the crown and the cash, in creating a Dame Edna kind of career. Naomi is brilliant, young, and could create a world for drag modeling, but again, I don't think there's enough of the other Charm, Uniqueness, and Nerve there to warrant a win. Chi Chi, we love you, but I think the result was a fair one. Can't wait for the actual finale episode.
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Naomi is so beautiful I don't know why designers aren't clambering for her to wear their clothes. She's a real mench, which is so nice, but at this stage of the game, she's not really as strong a performer as Bob is.

Kim Chi does intriguing things, and I can see a new art, avant garde movement springing up around her.

Bob is a fantastic performer/entertainer and I suspect, that unless Kim Chi suddenly dances, sings and has a hilarious comedy act....Bob will be our Queen.

I loved Chi Chi as a person and there's so much there, there. I think having a larger budget will only help her realize her dreams, getting out of Shreveport can only help as well. She's ready for the big time!

I have really enjoyed this season (disappointing Snatch Game aside) and I thoroughly enjoyed hating Derrick.

A good time was had by all.
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Instead, we get four talented queens, all who could take, and deserve, the crown. I hope RuPaul/World of Wonder learns that this makes good television.

I couldn't agree more about loving this episode and each of the queens in it; while I'd be happy for it to be the way of the future, I'm not sure my heart could take it. The decision to send Chi Chi home was probably the right one, but I was legit saddened by it and though I've loved Chi Chi all season, I would have felt the same way if any of the others had left as well.
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Finally caught up with this, and I agree that Chi Chi should have been in the Final 3, but Ru has such a soft spot for pretty young things, it wasn't to be. I think there may be an "upset" and Kim Chi could win the crown, but this is honestly here for Bob to take it. I don't get what we'd see from Naomi if she was the'd be Violet Chachki Part II, and we need another dynamite performer like Bianca to keep things going.
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I still maintain that the show should somehow level the playing field with regard to budgets for clothes, shoes, wigs, etc. I understand Michelle's point that budget isn't everything, but I think it carries some queens farther than they would otherwise deserve to go, and really puts some queens like Adore Delano and Chi Chi DeVayne at a huge disadvantage. And I would watch the shit out of a web series about the queens getting to design some of their own clothes!

#TeamBob all the way, although the Top 4 queens all seem like lovely people who really put in an effort to do things they weren't 100% comfortable with. (And that just makes me re-angry about last season. Pearl is Top 3 but Katya isn't?!) I already miss Chi Chi, but her lip syncs will make some Top 10 lists, I have no doubt.
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Agreed on all fronts joan cusack!

"AAAAAND IIIII AAAAAM... TELLING YOU [the sound of Chi Chi's necklace breaking and scattering pearls all over the runway]" will stay with me.
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Chi Chi for Miss Congeniality
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Cynthia Lee "Cucu" Fontaine is Miss Congeniality in any just universe. Or Acid Betty, for ha-has. I guess Acid did come and help Cynthia deal with her recovery from liver cancer, so it's a funny old world after all.

I think of the top 3, Bob is the clear winner. Naomi... eh. Kim is stunning but is something of an object at rest. Bob very clearly has that mindset of drag that involves being a community locus, and a figurehead for charity and advocacy. Growing up as a gay, my first real exposure to the queer community always involved drag queens selling 50/50 tickets for Pride, or AIDS charities, or other things.

I feel like ever since they lost the Absolut money, the winning queens kind of... don't do a lot of that. I barely know what Violet's been up to other than some questionable singles and appearances in some fashion magazines.
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So, so Team Bob. Of the three she seems like the one who'd do the widest-ranging stuff with the money. That said, I'd be so happy for any of the top three, and that's a thrilling feeling. I'm watching the older seasons available on Prime right now and ugh.
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