Vikings: The Last Ship
April 22, 2016 4:44 AM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Ragnar and Rollo face off at last in a climactic river battle.

Jump to several years later, we meet Ragnar's now grown sons as Ragnar re-appears after a years long mysterious disappearance.
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Holy shit! Is Ivar a Fremen?
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Ivar is fucking creepy. I don't really like the casting of any of the newly grown sons, and that scene with them chatting outside the hunting cottage felt very oddly stilted.

I do admire the show's confidence in going for a mid-episode time jump, but mainly I am just so over Ragnar's whole thing. I've spent the past month binging the entire show, getting caught up just in time for this episode, and it's giving me lots of confusing feelings - mainly that I don't understand why, given how horrible of a person he was in the first season especially, I'm rooting for Rollo and basically want the whole show to be about him now. Fare the well, Ragnar and sons. Let's just have the show be Rollo and Lagertha.
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I don't really like the casting of any of the newly grown sons

I think that might have been deliberate, casting less-conventional looking actors for Bjorn's half-brothers as a contrast to Bjorn. Aslaug's mindbustingly min/maxed "good" looks has genetic fallout in her kid's appearances (and in tv-land, this usually means capabilities) when crossed with some random murderous former farmer with a neutral-good looking face.
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The idea of Ragnar "disappearing" for years seems pretty strange to me. I'm not well versed in the subject other than Wikipedia but I gather historians doubt that all of the stories linked to Ragnar could possibly be all the same guy, so I imagine this is the show's way of combining stories.

I never quite figured out what those barge additions to the boats were supposed to be. They seemed to have some sort of thing in the prow that looked like maybe a catapult or something? I wondered if the idea was these were for a plan to siege the city that they never got the chance to try?

Anyway. Nice battle scene, though seems like starting the Ragnar/Rollo faceoff with "one of us will die today!" and then nobody dies is a little... something.
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Me, watching this episode: Oh look, Ragnar's come back. Looks like he's kicked the dope habit too.
My hilarious wife: Do you think he was at the Betty Fjord clinic?
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Yeah, the platforms seemed like a siege technique of some kind. Remember that the walls of Paris abut the water so if you want somewhere to hang out while you try to deal with the walls you need something that floats. I also noticed the bit that looked like a catapult of some kind.
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I like the shlubby sons and Ivar the Crazyeyed, tbh. Mostly I really want to know how Aslaug handwaved away Siggy's death to Bjorn, though, since they appear to be on decent terms, which presumably they would not be if anyone told him "your daughter drowned because the queen was an angry drunk after her boyfriend fucked every woman in kattegat".

really though i was very attached to the Ubba that was on The Last Kingdom, he was gr8
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