Heretics of Dune
August 4, 2016 2:09 PM - by Frank Herbert - Subscribe

The 5th book of the Dune saga, details the events 1500 years after God Emperor, as the great powers of the universe grapple for control in the shadow of Leto II's legacy.

the long awaited next posting in The Dune Club
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I listened to this on audiobook some months ago, and these are my primary memories of it:

In the parlance of our times, I found every single time the Honored Matres were referred to involving someone spitting the word whores! increasingly problematic as things staggered along.

I burst out laughing during one bit where one of the Bene Gesserit smugly corrects a would-be intelligence briefing fellow on how well actually there aren't 93 sexy sexual sexing chakras but 97 and he's all very nearly POWER LEVEL 9000!!! over it.

Also anyone passing by me at ghola vs matre sexfight scene would have clearly heard me mutter aloud "jesus christ, frank." Aging sci-fi authors in the 70s and 80s, man. I don't know.
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I'm not often a proponent of strong DRM, but Duncan Idaho really needed some.
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Alternately, he was a prescient (so to speak) illustration of the dangers of ever-telescoping copyright abuse. If he'd just been more open source, culture might have been able to do something more interesting with the IP, because the Bene Tleilax were clearly just spinning their wheels with it.
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... and now I want a FREE DUNCAN IDAHO button. Hahaha.

Also, I should've been paying more attention to Fanfare Talk and actually reread this. Looking back, I mostly remember also cringing at the Honored Matres stuff and being confused about why the series needed sequels after God Emperor. I liked seeing what became of Leto II, and the acknowledgement that maybe prophecy would cause more problems than it solved, but that felt like a pretty good capstone.

(A quick Googling indicates his son is now continuing to desecrate the franchise with sequels to this for... some reason?)

Looking forward to what the rest of you - hopefully the more diligent rest of you - thought about the events herein.
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for... some reason?

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I still have trouble wrapping my head around people paying money for those things, but I suppose that's derail territory.
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i downloaded pdfs and ms reader versions and i feel absolutely no shame about having done so aside from the shame that comes with having read them in the first place and having actually kind of enjoyed them in a weirdfic sort of way.
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but tbh there are a lot of parts in heretics and chapterhouse that are already verging into weirdfic territory, such as the bits noted in drastic's comment above.
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Did this stall out before anyone finished Chapterhouse? I'm reading it for the first time now and would welcome company.
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