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January 16

Book: Chapterhouse: Dune

The 6th book in the Dune series, the novel chronicles the continued struggles of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood against the violent Honored Matres, who are succeeding in their bid to seize control of the universe and destroy the factions and planets that oppose them. [more inside]
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August 4

Book: Heretics of Dune

The 5th book of the Dune saga, details the events 1500 years after God Emperor, as the great powers of the universe grapple for control in the shadow of Leto II's legacy. [more inside]
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March 2

Book: God Emperor of Dune

Set several millennia after the events of the previous three books, God Emperor follows the latter days of the galactic reign of a transformed Leto II Atreides, son of Paul Muad'dib, and the society, and dissidence, that long rule has brought about.
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January 26

Book: Children of Dune

Book three of Frank Herbert's Dune series follows the young twin children of Paul Muad'dib as the navigate a changing Arrakis and a dangerous web of galactic political conspiracies.
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November 23

Book: Dune Messiah

The second book in Frank Herbert's Dune series, detailing the events surrounding Emperor Paul Muad'dib, his confederates, and his enemies, in the years following a galaxy-spanning Fremen jihad.
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October 21

Book: Dune

The landmark first novel in Frank Herbert's Dune canon, which introduces a far-future universe in which the fate of a pan-galactic human empire hangs on the machinations of powerful families, political machinations, and the life and leadership of a young Paul Atreides.
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