Killjoys: Heart-Shaped Box
August 13, 2016 9:58 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The team are tested to the core as tensions rise while Dutch interrogates a lethal Level Six agent he captured and Johnny secretly investigates Jelco's wall for Pawter.
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D'Avin has a Literal Magic Healing Penis.

I love this show.
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Killjoys is firing on all cylinders.

I'm glad Sabine was a real character, not just a plot device. They're starting a tradition of setting up characters who could just play out according to whatever trope or cliche they seem to originate in, then letting them grow and change in surprising ways (see San Romwell from the "I Love Lucy" episode for another great example).

Sabine's remarks to Dutch about how and why she's been broken were a gut punch.

Luke Macfarlane continues to surprise me with his range. The moment where he embraces Sabine after she says "Lie to me" exposed some real vulnerability I was not expecting. When he first showed up on the series I thought "Desperation move!" But he grew on me, and I realized he was always intended to join the cast. He's developing in interesting ways.

The witty banter/humorous interplay seems to be operating at a higher level this season, and doesn't feel unearned or out-of-place. The whole "Why is Sabine in a bag?" exchange was genius.

With Killjoys hitting home runs and Dark Matter getting some base hits lately, Fridays are shaping up as a pretty entertaining evening on Syfy.
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Oh, and I totally thought the actor playing Bellus (Nora McLellan) also played Cissie on iZombie (chef at Meat Cute), but Cissie is played by Tanja Dixon-Warren. They look a bit alike, and those two characters have very similar attributes of bluntness, confidence and snark. Bellus is great, I think the end of her scene with John is going to play into how they bust him out. No way would she just say "Okay, you win" and let him go without something going on.
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I don't really have much to say other than this show is getting good again, and I'm happy there are still people commenting on it. I may not watch it the day it's aired, but I always come back to FanFare to read the Dark Matter and Killjoy comments. Thanks for giving me a community to watch with.
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Oh, boy was this fun. I love that the gang have all the tenderness and hurt and stupid decisions of real people who care about each other, that they're earnestly trying to do good in a universe where they've got everything stacked against them. It's breezy and sexy and silly, and I love the fact that the writers are tipping us this big wink saying "We know you know this is smarter than it looks, but aren't you having fun pretending that it's not?"
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