Nashville: On the Other Hand
May 15, 2014 7:18 AM - Season 2, Episode 22 - Subscribe

As Will Lexington's album climbs the charts, Rayna plans a free concert to draw attention to hers.

It's the season two finale. Juliette is being blackmailed, Rayna gives Jeff Fordham what he deserves, Juliette and Avery break up and maybe make up, Will comes out of the closet to his wife (and some hidden TV cameras), Scarlett gets ready to leave Nashville, Rayna launches her album with a big stadium show, Rayna and Luke get engaged and then Deacon shows up to declare his love.
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No, Deacon, no!
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You'd rather have Puke Wheeler?
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I'm not a Luke fan, but I'd rather their relationship be broken up for some other reason than Deacon.
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I straight up shouted at the tv during the last scene. ARG. (Also that looked like a wedding band, not an engagement ring? Am I missing something?)

And was there a brief shot where it looked like Avery turned around to leave after Juliette's teary speech, or did I imagine that?
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Good point, drezdn.
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I know the Deacon thing had to happen, but I wish they'd draw it out a bit longer. Judging from twitter, most fans disagree.

The ring Deacon gave her was the same one he offered during their drunk engagement at the house on the river. I believe she had kept it and then gave it back to him near the beginning of the season when they met up after their accident at the makeshift shrine.

My favorite scene was Rayna holding Juliette's hair while she puked.

Gunnar and Scarlett's song was beautiful. We need more of that next season.
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I never had much of an opinion on Luke either way before, but the surprise public proposal has moved me into firm dislike. It's just such a showboating dick move to spring on someone when there are children & family blending involved, it pulls me out of the story since it seems more like a writer contrivance for amping up the drama than something that an actual supposedly-decent human being would do.
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Gunnar and Scarlett had a song? I haven't watched in a couple months but I will have to now. They are so pretty together.
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I was a Deacon fan but I moved away this season, though I know it's endgame. I didn't mind Luke, especially as he wasn't forced into the excessively jealous role, and was fine with them being together, or not, but there is already enough relationship drama, we don't need it from Rayna.

About Will: did he not have to approve all the camera placements? I thought he insisted no bedroom, how is what they're doing legal?
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I knew there was going to be a hidden camera in the bedroom or bathroom. You know they weren't going to let him get away with keeping them out of the bedroom.
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Rayna's takedown of Jeff Fordham though.
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Was actually totally disappointed by Gunnar and Scarlett's song. I wanted to like it, but it was trying too hard. Most of the songs in Nashville are vaguely relevant to the plot in tone or approach, but not so on the nose as that one.

Loved all of their songs from S1 though, so I do agree we need more from them next season.
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I just marathoned the bejesus out of this show over the last week, and watched the S2 finale this morning...

I never had much of an opinion on Luke either way before, but the surprise public proposal has moved me into firm dislike.

I started out not disliking Luke, but not really feeling much warmth toward him -- he's a little too showboaty with his "Wheels Up" good ol' boy stage persona, and I don't like the jealous vibe that pours off of him where Deacon is concerned (I am also not a fan at all of the weird shaming he delivers to Rayna for not telling him about Maddie's parentage right away), but the surprise public proposal really pushed me over the edge into not liking him.

I'm really over the "Scarlett can't handle success" story line and am ready for a "Scarlett finds her own path (and possibly gets back together with Gunnar)" story line. (I'm also ready for more Gunnar/Scarlett songs immediately. Nothing gives me full-body chills like a good two-part harmony like theirs.)

I'm really, REALLY curious to see how the show handles Hayden Panettiere's pregnancy next season, mostly because I can't decide if I would love it, hate it, or love-hate it if I had to watch a story line all about Juliette not knowing if Jeff Fordham or Avery is the father of her baby. I might love-hate it. Also Hayden Panettiere is so tiny I can't imagine that they'll be able to hide her pregnant body behind furniture and big purses, so I figure they'll have to write her pregnancy into the story line somehow.

Teddy sucks. I just wanted to state that for the record.

I've seen speculation that next season might throw some focus on Maddie and her burgeoning music career... not sure how I feel about that. Lennon Stella is a very talented musician and I love watching her perform but I don't know that I want to see a story line about how a young musician gets exploited, even if she is "country royalty" per the show's canon.
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Ugh. I'm pretty sure I did not have the emotional reaction to Luke's proposal that I was supposed to. As others have said, a big public proposal like that, in front of her whole family, that's just cruel and shitty. I've never really got Luke as a love interest for Rayna. He's like some weird cross between George Strait and a bro-dude country star, and he doesn't much make sense as either of them, or as someone she'd even necessarily respect, never mind love.

But I maybe also didn't have the emotional reaction to Deacon's proposal that I was supposed to, either. Mostly, I was thinking "Really? That's a nice speech, Deacon, but it's been how long since your last drunken cluster fuck or disappearing act, exactly? And you know being good is going to last how?" I don't really understand the time scale this show is supposed to exist on, though, so I suppose maybe it has been a really long time since Deacon super fucked something up.

I want Avery to go back to Juliette because I think the two of them make each other better people, which is a surprising turn of events for two people who aren't necessarily very nice people to start with. It shouldn't work, and shouldn't be believable, and yet somehow it is.

I don't care if Gunnar and Scarlett get back together as a couple, so long as they write more songs. Also, I'd really much rather hear her sing with him than alone, so I'm doubly in favor of them writing together.
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I thought Deacon was going to be mad about the impact of the proposal on Maddie, as a newly stepping up as Dad moment. When it wasn't I was booing. I thought it didn't make sense for him to propose after he watched Maddie's unhappy face during the (entirely distasteful) proposal.
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