Nashville: All or Nothing With Me
May 8, 2014 8:57 PM - Season 2, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Nashville's penultimate episode of Season 2 is all patriotism and regrets.

The aftermath of last episode's decisions for Juliette and Scarlett, the Layla and Will reality show, Gunner and Zoey's tight lips and new gigs, Juliette's duet with Luke, and more of Deacon's reckoning with the past. Plus an on-stage performance for Maddie, Daphne, Deacon, and Rayna.
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Aside from Juliete/Luke, did they just decide to tank this one? The Treme meets Dallas formula needs more of the former and better execution of the latter.
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Just popping in to say I freaking love this show. I support you, Fan Fare Nashville Thread.
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I just can't really get over the Jeff Fordham subplot. I mean, the show has always been ridiculous, but really?

Also, I guess Michelle Obama is making the sitcom circuit this spring?
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Why did Will think a reality show would be a good idea?

Jeff Fordham needs a twirly mustache.
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I don't mind her with Luke, but it's obvious she's never going to have a truly long-lasting serious relationship because Rayna/Deacon is show's endgame. So ultimately the relationship with Luke is kind of pointless.

I really hope they don't keep Will in the closet through next season. I think it would be really interesting to see him slowly come out and try to deal with all the implications of doing that both personally and while trying to maintain a career.
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Yeah, I feel like a lot of the relationships on the show are rather pointless. (cough Zoey cough everyone Deacon has ever dated) I think it would actually be kindof great if/when Rayna and Luke break up, for the show to keep following Luke as a character in his own right. I'm sortof of sick of the one-off characters who show up to advance someone else's plot, and then basically disappear, and I'm actually rather fond of Luke.
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I think they're slowly setting Luke up to be a villain.
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I think they're slowly setting Luke up to be a villain.

That's interesting and different to my perspective; can you elaborate on it?

Of all Rayna's love interests, I do like him the best. Teddy's too fake and scheming for her and Liam wanted totally different things out of life. With Deacon she has that first love, carnal attraction but they wouldn't actually work out together both because of their history but also becaus their dynamic is a fiery, dramatic one and I don't think they'd actually get along on a day to day basis. That kind of relationship is exciting when you're 20 but gets pretty old when you're trying to live, work, raise kids, etc.

But Luke is great. He's stable, he's successful in his own right, he's supportive, he's not controlling or jealous, family is important to him and he gets that her kids come first with her, they have chemistry together but the more stable, adult chemistry that you can build a life together with. Of course it'll get screwed up somehow to further the plot, but I can't see him becoming a villain. Maybe more like Meagan who just disappears after the dissolution.

it's obvious she's never going to have a truly long-lasting serious relationship because Rayna/Deacon is show's endgame

I hope that's not true. One of the things I like about Nashville is that it shows the variety of relationships adults have in the real world - friends, lovers, partners, co-parents, colleagues, sometimes mixes of all that or more. It's a television cliche that if there's any kind of spark between friends then they must drop everything else and give a relationship a try, even if they don't thing it will work, even if they don't think it will be healthy, even if they mess up a lot of other things in the process. I like that Rayna and Deacon will always have a spark for each other but realise that they're now better off as friends.

I really hope they don't keep Will in the closet through next season.

Isn't it almost certain that they have cameras in their bathroom and that Will's "private gym session" is going to be the next big drama on reality television?

And yes to everything about Jeff Fordham. Everyone else is so multi-dimensional and can be sympathetic at times and infuriating at others. But he's 100% creepy bad guy. A rare weak spot in the writing.
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Oh! And we all forgot Scarlett! Do you really think she's going to leave for good? I wonder if her contract got dropped for next season. Her accent grates on me a bit, but I love her songs.
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I think Scarlett will focus more on songwriting and maybe performing in small venues. She's too key to all the romantic entanglements to get rid of her.
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I think something will probably happen in the finale to make her stay. My guess is that it will be Deacon-related, as I can't really see anyone else being in a position to get to her at this point. (Unless Liam comes back?)

I'd like to see more of her, but I hope she gets a little less damsel-in-distress-y.
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I hope Scarlett leaves because she is easily the most boring character on the show. But I assume she will come back too.
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Luke may have set up the situation where his son posted Maddie's video on the internet. Then, when (IIRC) Deacon didn't take the bait during the television interview, Luke got mad about it in his SUV.

He also didn't want Juliette to play the USO show until he heard her story.
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So, this is an old thread, but I'm just catching up on the show, after having watched it off and on while it was airing, inevitably falling behind and then giving up because you miss an episode of this show and you have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. But it's on Netflix in Canada now which makes it easier to catch up on.

I can't see Luke as a long term villain, exactly, but I think he's going to do something that really effs with Rayna and feels like a massive betrayal to her. (And if that happens in the next episode, which I'm not going to watch til tomorrow, because I should really be in bed by now, you are probably all laughing at me as you read this.)

As a general comment on this show, I really wish it relied less on 'things people overhear whilst accidentally eavesdropping' as a way to create TEH DRAMAZ! Watch the first 40 episodes over the course of a week and it really helps you keep track of how many times that happens. For a very loud, very famous person, Juliette is awfully good at being quietly unnoticed in a corner.
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