Star Wars Rebels: The Holocrons of Fate
October 1, 2016 12:41 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A menace from Season Two's finale returns to threaten the crew of the Ghost and demands the return of the Sith Holocron. Master and apprentice, Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, face a challenge created by the ancient creature, the Bendu, in order to not just save their friends, but to re-establish their relationship as student and teacher.

* The trivia gallery for "The Holocrons of Fate," isn't up until Monday, so I'll add it when they update the episode guide to include it.

* For the purpose of keeping on track with the official episode count on, I went ahead and numbered this episode the third of the season.
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P.S. It appears, like last season, episodes appear in the morning on DisneyXD apps, so one doesn't have to wait for the television airing in the evening.
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Oh boy.
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It seems waiting til Monday for the trivia is the official thing, so without further ado, TRIVIA!
  • The droids used by Maul in the episode are Mandalorian, which were hacked and reprogrammed by him and are relics from the time when he temporarily ruled the planet. They were designed for The Clone Wars and based off a rickshaw droid seen in Attack of the Clones.
  • Referencing the signal beacon as a "thumper" was an explicit reference to Dune and the thumpers used to attract sand worms.
  • The A-Wing that Kanan and Ezra traveled in is a two seat trainer model.
  • The asteroid base used by Maul originated from The Clone Wars arc "Son of Dathomir" which were never aired, but were adapted into comics by Dark Horse (before the handover to Marvel).

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The story seems to be kicking into high gear hyperdrive and I'm very much interested to know what will happen next.
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"He lives!" Maul's words sent a shiver up my spine when I heard them immediately said in conjunction with Ezra's "Twin suns." Taking up a past non-canonical story about Maul hunting Obi-Wan down on Tatooine, it feels as if the writers are seriously pointing us toward that conclusion. It may not be the right one, but it would definitely be an exhilarating match up of older Obi-Wan versus Maul. If it's not the right one, it will also go down as one of the cruelest baits and switch in the show's history...which really, there haven't been. They gave us Vader vs Ahsoka, so this might be the big match up for this season.

That said, it's all a guess!

I loved more Bendu action, glad they healed the rift between Kanan and Ezra (at least for now), and this appears to have also finished setting the stage for the major story arcs of the season: Maul's stuff and Thrawn's stuff (setup last episode). Toss in character building episodes within those two and we have our wind in the sails.
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Maul's "he" could also be Yoda or Luke Skywalker. Or I guess it could be someone else entirely.
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It'd make sense that the "he" is someone with a history with Maul or someone that Maul expected to be dead. Kenobi does fit both categories, but yeah, it could always be someone else.

In a minor head explosion earlier today, I was looking at a frame from the Rebels Season 3 trailer, I think it's also part of the tease for this weekend's episode, which shows what I think is supposed to be an Imperial Flight Academy.


Glaring right behind the building is no less than two suns. So unless it's on Tatooine (no indication), it kind of reflects Filoni's response to a question about 'twin suns' which was, "Well, there could be a lot of planets with two suns...." He wasn't joking. -_-

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I imagine "he" could only be Obi-Wan. Which I have mixed feelings about.

On one hand, not aged too much Maul vs aged a great deal Obi-Wan is interesting and feels like a conclusion to that story. Also Obi-Wan is cool.

On the other hand this is like 2 years before ANH at this point. Seems problematic that a Sith Lord showing up on dusty old Tatooine would not spur Obi-Wan to grab Luke and get the fuck out of there. Just seems really out of place that he's so disconnected from the larger world and his past life, if he like JUST had a duel with Darth Maul like last fall.

(although this relates to a large in universe nit pick, that the original trilogy didn't set up Vader being from Tatooine or it being significant. Because when the rebels he's been relentlessly chasing jettison an escape pod with the plans to the super important deathstar onto his emotionally essential home planet, he's all "send a detachment down" ... like now is the moment you're going to start delegating Vader? Like he looks out the window and is all like "Tatoonine, what are the odds? neat! back to space stuff now")
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(although this relates to a large in universe nit pick, that the original trilogy didn't set up Vader being from Tatooine or it being significant.

Good point on ANH. Though, through ESB we do get Vader = Anakin Skywalker, so we would assume that Vader was from Tatooine since Uncle Owen knew him well enough to complain about him.

I'm watching my desire for Kenobi/Maul fall apart after the next episode's display of twin suns repeatedly. I feel like they're going to pop up a whole bunch this season. =P
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