Star Wars: The Clone Wars Rewatch?
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The Clone Wars is getting pretty popular these days. From inspiring characters in the next Star Wars film to being a foundation for Rebels, it's echoing strongly in the present. How about a rewatch?

All episodes of The Clone Wars are currently available on Netflix and for purchase on other streaming platforms. A lot of Star Wars posts imply that a lot of folks watched and enjoyed the show, so why not make a go at it?

On top of that, we now have the power to watch it in chronological order!
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121 episodes, I'd be into taking a stab at it. I've heard it's good and I've never seen it.
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I've gone ahead and requested it be added to the list of approved shows, as I'm expecting folks will hop aboard as it goes along.

Since I'm the fool who suggested the chronological order thingy, I'll be happy to curate the postings to make sure that everyone knows which episode to watch and when. As a result, the Clone Wars movie, which was released ahead of the tv show, actually takes place after the first few episodes. I'll post that movie for discussion after we get through the episodes set before it.

On the other end of the episodes, we also have the option of suggesting Dark Disciple, which is a novel based off screen plays of episodes that were intended for the next season that was cancelled after Disney purchased Lucasfilm. And of course, there are the story reels, which have all the audio, but only rough animation. It's a strange experience, but a must for anyone who is a completionist.
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I forgot to add, this is a perfect series for a twice a week posting, as often story arcs will cross anywhere from two to three episodes before concluding. At that pace, it'll only take a year or so to finish!

Or I could post by story arc, noting in the episode title line how many episodes are involved per discussion. Thoughts? (It would shorten the rewatch time by probably a third.)
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