Ash vs Evil Dead: Confinement
October 30, 2016 5:46 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The sheriff brings up Ash on charges, and it's up to Ruby, Kelly and Pablo to bust him out of jail, but they discover some people are not who they appear to be and that there's a new evil in town.
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Didn't much like this one - kinda transphobic to introduce the Joanie character just as a punchline for Chet. I mean, his delivery of the "you were so giving" line was amusing, but it still means another dead black queer character for the list. Not to mention the black woman cop Baal emerged from after kissing Ruby. And now that Linda has apparently dumped her husband and sided with Ash she'll be a goner too.
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I'm gonna side with you on how Joanie was treated. I figured she was either going to be used as a comedic prop or disposable victim for whenever Baal showed up in the group. I think I was only surprised that Chet didn't punch a ticket, too, which would have helped with Joanie's treatment in my opinion.

What I'm currently curious about is whether Baal is in Ruby's skin or not, given Pablo's premonition from two episodes back, when he saw her with the finger about to kill him. It was left unclear what Ruby's fate was with Baal, except that we know he materialized in the main room just before the body of the deputy appeared.

And is the Necronomicon emerging from inside Pablo or is he simply turning into it somehow? What is his role as the savior?
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Who wants to start making bets that Kelly is Ash's daughter? Given the high emphasis on Ash and Linda having sex in this episode, it's making me wonder.
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