My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 336: Twenty-Something-Teen
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We spend half this episode coming up with a name for the new year, which is as important an endeavor as we can undergo. Yes, we boned it last year. This time, we're FEELING IT SO HARD. Suggested talking points: THE NAMING OF THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2017, Sriririririracha, The Fushigi Art Patronage
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For an episode that barely had any advice, this was a good one.

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Here's a logo for 2017 that takes the "serpent" in "serpentine" seriously. Extra points for its use of Colin Mochrie's head.
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In case anybody missed the screencap that was promised: here it is.

LMM got in on the action too.

Related: Griffin got on the Forbes 30 Under 30 (Media) list and his picture is adorable.
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On the MBMBAM Facebook page, people have been swapping out the picture of Griffin in Forbes with pictures of him forcing toys into his mouth and that one of him, I don't know, air guitaring. They're all very funny.
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I believe he's technically air saxophoning in that picture. The Rose Buddies Facebook group had a big photoshop fest with that photo a while back, it was amazing. (Might have to be in the group to see the photoshop set.)
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I was genuinely discussing if we should get a Raven as a pet like.. a week ago.
So Twenty Raventeen, everyone has a raven now was a bizarre coincidence.

But the raven haven burnt down and then got raided for being a cannabis farm, so...
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