Sleepy Hollow: Columbia
January 8, 2017 10:28 AM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Crane gets a change of scenery. He also meets his new partner and his geek squad. New demons and a new baddie set-up the season. Oh, and someone's channeling Abbie.

So, FOX quietly (and very unexpectedly...admit it) dumped the season 4 premier of the Nicole Beharie-less Sleepy Hollow on the world last week. I just happened to stumble across it completely by accident. It's your basic reboot scenery, new baddie.

I honestly thought the show was dead and done, and was shocked when I stumbled across it. I suspect this is probably its last chance season.
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It had a few of the same Crane-isms and Miss Badass, but the rest of the show seemed completely off. Wouldn't be surprised if it's cancelled midway - of all 4 returning series I've seen this this week (along IASIP, Portlandia and Man Seeking Woman*) it was by far the worst - and although each show is at a different point in their shelf life, it seemed the one where the writers were struggling the most with it.

Also, didn't the third season end with a federal agent introducing Crane to whatever secret order Washington set up for his return? I thought this season would be him being given the keys that secret organization, instead they seem to be rethreading the premiere, with Crane trying to regain the trust of potential allies etc. Only without Clancy Brown and a headless horseman.
I was hoping from something in the lines of when Angel became manager of Wolfram & Hart's LA branch. Give him far more power and resources than he had with Abbie and Frank, along the uneasy feeling not everyone is interested in his success.

*anyone watching or think it's worth posting?
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*anyone watching or think it's worth posting?

This show is dead to me after what they did to Nicole Beharie; I was hoping never to see it grace the face of Fanfare again, honestly. (I did not watch the premiere, will not be watching the rest of the season.)
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Yep, not interested in watching this. Season 1 was great, season 2 less and I don't want to talk about season 3.
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This show is dead to me after what they did to Nicole Beharie


Was surprised when this showed up on the DVR. Thought it was cancelled. Removed the season pass immediately.
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Oh, and someone's channeling Abbie.

Please tell me this doesn't mean that some white lady is pretending to be Nicole Beharie, even for the duration of a scene.

This whole show is a perfect case study in TV exec racism. Season one was good enough to attract some attention, then the Fox execs noticed who the attention was from and decided to change shit around to appeal to a whiter demographic instead.
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