Legends of Tomorrow: Turncoat
February 8, 2017 4:32 AM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The Legends travel to the winter of 1776 to protect George Washington and the American Revolutionary War.
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Best recap ever.
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Best recap ever.

(confused face).... Oh, Mick's opening narration! Indeed, I don't know how they're ever going to top that one, that was spectacular.
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Did anybody else see Jughead when looking at Ray wearing the paper crown? Nope. Just me then. Okay.
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Did this show start its season late? The zombie episode you would imagine would run at Halloween ran at Thanksgiving, the Christmas episode runs in February...
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Did this show start its season late?

No, they had to coordinate for the 4-show 'Invasion' crossover event, and isn't Victor Garber joining in on the upcoming Flash/Supergirl musical? I kind of like that the Legends holiday episodes are happening at random; like the time-travel equivalent of "it's always happy hour somewhere."

Anyway, really fun episode. I was annoyed at Sara and Jax letting Evil-Rip go (Stoner-Rip is still my favorite incarnation of Hunter, but Evil-Rip is an improvement on Original-Rip) -- I mean, they just proved that Gideon's medical tech extends to resurrection, why would Sara need to bother with the whole "no killing, we're the good guys" schtick? Just shoot him and drag him back to the Waverider so Gideon can heal him and fix his brain, or stick him in Vandal's old cell. I guess technically it's dangerous to have him aboard while still evil and conscious, since he has Gideon's override codes, but, they could still just shoot him to wound and grab the stupid Spear piece back. But, whatever, I still love this stupid show.
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ffs jax just grab the stupid Spear and rewrite Rip back to his old self

seriously jax

any day now


... Rip's side of the story really dragged, but the parts with George Washington were pitch fucking perfect, holy shit.
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I was initially annoyed with the Washington stuff, grumbling to myself about this is America's founding guerilla fighter, this go gently to death shit is nonsense but I enjoyed the idea that Mick set him on that path.
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ffs jax just grab the stupid Spear and rewrite Rip back to his old self

Does it work like that ? Do we know how this whole rewriting of reality works ?
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They laid down a few rules for it. I'd be okay with them making up some reason it wouldn't work, but based on what Jackson knows he definitely should have at least tried it.
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