Chapo Trap House: Episode 84 - President Wario (2/19/17)
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Okay, disruption 2.0: Chicago Police Department 2.0. Let's have a precinct that we don't tell anyone about. Let's have a precinct where we can take people, and we don't register them, we don't officially arrest them, we don't fingerprint them, we just take them to a room, and we disrupt.
On this week's regular show, it's the original dry boys, Matt, Felix, and Will, recording from Felix's unsanitary new Greenpoint FOB. They're mostly stuck talking about Trump news like the rest of us. Fortunately, there's a B story about the show APB, on how drones and apps are the future of law enforcement, which will be live-streamed by Officer Pewdiepie.
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Always love to see the original hosts take center stage. Christman's rant about how nothing in the culture points beyond Trump is chilling, but on the other hand, everything in the culture only points toward Trump in retrospect. When Trump is gone, all of that stuff will point toward whatever replaces him.

Does APB already have a FanFare page? The show sounds completely insane. That it isn't at all a satire on Trump's America, but an earnest procedural about libertarian utopianism, bewilders me.
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Does APB already have a FanFare page?

Looks like not.

It sounds awful, but the future-cop procedural is a pretty fertile genre, as you suggest. I can't think of another one on American TV. In Japan, they had the Ghost in the Shell TV animé, which is mostly a straight procedural but weaves in a critical message (and apparently took on an ideological meaning for Anonymous). And then there is Psychopass, which is basically Ghost in the Shell crossed with that Black Mirror episode about social media karma.

There must be other examples and I'm blessed to only know about the ones that are pretty good.
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Its nice to have just the OG crew for an episode.

re: futurecops, there was a Minority Report show (also on Fox) cancelled after one season. Lethal Weapon isn't futurecops but it's just about as fascist as APB sounds. It's weird bc Brooklyn Nine Nine also airs on Fox and is one of the more progressive cop shows.
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Also the bit about police blacksites and "disruption" was extremely dark and extremely funny at the same time.
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the idea of there being nothing past Trump, that all of this has thrown into doubt a lot of things that seemed unmovable and immutable, really sums up what i was trying to get out in my essay on what new leftist art could do - that high pitched increasingly loud laughter feeling of hooooleeeee shit this is what a revolutionary era is like. Anything is possible now.

In two years, for better or worse, this country is going to be unrecognizable.
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