Chapo Trap House: Episode 88 - Sebastian Goku feat. Derek Davison (3/5/17)
March 5, 2017 5:27 PM - Subscribe

This week's show begins with a high-wire solo performance by Brendan that is pretty 👌. I don't know what happens after that yet!
posted by grobstein (3 comments total)

First time I caught an episode with Derek Davison (I didn't start listening until after the election) and I went looking to find more of what he's about. This (actually apparently previously on MeFi) looks interesting. I took a class that covered some of this stuff but that was a while ago now.
posted by atoxyl at 7:58 PM on March 7, 2017

Sad to say I don't know his stuff outside of the show, but he is always a great guest. He's very knowledgeable! That link looks fantastic.
posted by grobstein at 8:17 PM on March 7, 2017

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