Chapo Trap House: EPISODE 89: BUSINESS SECRETS OF NAPOLEON feat. @Trillburne
March 11, 2017 7:43 PM - Subscribe

The boys discuss Ridley Scott's The Duellists, and the historical significance of Napoleon, with guest Twitter's Trillburne, who's starting his own all-Napoleon podcast.
posted by grobstein (4 comments total)
This looks very interesting. Unfortunately there's no direct link to the podcasts, and it looks like you have to subscribe to some outfit's Patreon to get any access to the content. There's not even any introductory free episode to get you hooked. It's just advertisements and links to Amazon book pages all the way down.

posted by suburbanbeatnik at 12:29 AM on March 12, 2017

OK, mea culpa here-- I confused the future "Age of Napoleon" podcast (which has no page yet, except for this guy's Twitter and Amazon recs) with the "Chapo Trap podcast." Is this particular podcast supposed to be a dry-run for the future historical podcast? I found the one minute teaser on Soundcloud, and just listened to it... and man, that was not impressive. There's an extended joke about pissing the bed, and that's it.
posted by suburbanbeatnik at 1:04 AM on March 12, 2017

Yeah sorry there's like a couple layers here. This post is directly about an episode of Chapo Trap House, and it's a premium episode where the full recording is available only to Patreon subscribers -- there is a short teaser about pissing the bed for non-subscribers. (The actual episode is mostly about Napoleon though!)

But, on the show, the guest, Trillburne, also mentions that he is starting a podcast focusing entirely on Napoleon. But although that podcast has a Twitter feed (filled with Amazon links), it hasn't put out an episode yet. It sounds like it should be coming soon though.
posted by grobstein at 9:47 AM on March 12, 2017

Thanks, grobstein. I wish I could listen and comment intelligently on it, but there's that paywall.

posted by suburbanbeatnik at 12:14 PM on March 12, 2017

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