The Adventure Zone: The The Adventure Zone Zone - MaxFunDrive 2017
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Hey folks! In honor of the MaxFunDrive, we decided to put out an extra episode on the off week: It's another The The Adventure Zone Zone, the world's premiere The Adventure Zone fancast, hosted by the people who make The Adventure Zone. Listen in as we answer fan questions and talk about what's next after this campaign wraps up!
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I was glad to hear that Griffin figured out the unintentional problem with "Chalupa" as a name and put his authorial foot down! I'm really happy with how much effort the boys put into making sure their shows are for everyone, how they own mistakes and change. Because yeah, people should totally be able to imagine Taako and Lup as latinx without a dumb joke hanging over it.
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Similarly, I appreciate Justin's response to the question about whether Taako and Kravitz went on more dates. Let all the fan art bloom!
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Film Crit Hulk has a good essay on the McElroys that touches on TAZ quite a bit. Definitely worth a read - also, apparently FCH has abandoned the all caps?
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Film Crit Hulk has a good essay on the McElroys that touches on TAZ quite a bit. Definitely worth a read

That is a very good read indeed, and I am pleased to discover this episode in my podcast feed at a time when I didn't expect any TAZ or TAZ adjacent stuff.
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What reveal was Hulk referring to? Barry?
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Yeah, the Barry reveal.
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I thought it was the Davenport reveal while reading but Barry makes more sense.
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I'm new to this podcast but I found listening to this episode kind of stressful, like overhearing my parents argue? I mean I know they literally weren't arguing but they sounded a little stressed a little bit and it made me feel a little stressed.
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I think knowing about this giant fandom is what's actually stressing me out cause fandoms tend to do that for me.
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Bleep, if you've just started, I think it's useful to know that this story has been going on for multiple years and is darn close to the climax. I think that stress you are hearing is the players and DM not wanting to screw anything up. They want the fans to enjoy the results, and they're a little impatient to have it competed. I think it's looming large in their minds right now, and I hope they do a TTAZZ when it's over and they can say everything they are thinking.

I thought it was interesting how different Travis' and Justin's relationship with the fandom is. Justin basically says that anything not contradicted in-game can be true, while Travis really wants to lock things down and own Magnus.
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I also appreciated how some of Merle's noncommittal behavior was actually a choice on Clint's part and not just his being inattentive.
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I was really surprised to hear how Justin is holding back when he pulls out some complicated tricky spell that sends Griffin into a panic.
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I get it I just find it unpleasant to experience and I was wondering if I was the only one. Well now I know... etc.
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Just a heads up, no episode this week :(
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The Adventure Zone comes out on the same day I get paid, and honestly I'm not sure which one I anticipate more. I guess having it moved back a week will give me something to look forward to every week? Still a bummer.
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Hey all, we're getting an episode this week, and according to Justin, Griffin invented a new game system to get them through the last arc!
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So now my question, which might not really matter that much, is who made which Grand Relic.

What we know, apparently:

Phoenix Fire Gauntlet: Lup
Oculus: ?
Gaia Sash: ?
Philosophers' Stone: ?
Temporal Chalice: Magnus
Animus Bell: ?
White Oak Staff: Lucretia

Gaia Sash feels pretty Merle to me, and like the Animus Bell is probably Taako. no idea on the other two and Barry & Davenport, though.
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