The Adventure Zone: Ep. 59. Lunar Interlude V: Reunion Tour - Part Two
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Our heroes are out of time, out of options, out of places to hide. The holes in their history are starting to fill in; but are they going to like the answers they receive? We're almost caught up, now. Taako fights his fears. Merle loses faith. Magnus hears music.
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Just the intro has already fucked me up real good.
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"I gave you guys a skeleton key to every door-based puzzle and now I have to own it."

DM Tip #94: If your players get wise to the fact you favor a certain kind of puzzle or trap and start taking precautions accordingly, or if they gain a magic item that makes a certain challenge trivial, it's your responsibility to never use that kind of puzzle for the rest of the campaign.
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Johann :(
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I got tingles at the end. Griffin's music was on point yet again.
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Ango's unceasing determined optimism is my everything
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That would make me so happy, and I'm already delighted that Lucretia isn't an evil villain!
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Ango's unceasing determined optimism is my everything

When Angus popped up I legit gasped.
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It occurred to me this morning while listening to this on the way into work that Angus is basically Griffin's proxy in the game. It allows him to play along with the family, in a way.

Comparisons thusly:

1) He's young
2) Too smart for his own good
3) Lovably naive
4) Looks up to the other 3
5) Very much a smartass

This doesn't really have any impact on the story or anything but I think it goes a long way to explain why everyone loves Ango and why he feels, to me, like a part of the gang.
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It occurred to me this morning while listening to this on the way into work that Angus is basically Griffin's proxy in the game.

That would make me worry a little about the way Merle treats Angus.

One Angus question... If he is the world's greatest detective... When will he figure out who took his grandpa's silver?
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Well it's gotten to the point where I check the Masterpost of Cryptic Shit after every episode...

So lich-Barry said a couple of things about the Hunger that haven't been touched on yet in this arc:

End of Petals to the Metal: “This is the true nature of man: the want, the hunger. It consumes everything it touches, it can’t be stopped or changed. It’s the end of everything. This is your first lesson.”

End of Crystal Kingdom: “…I spoke to you, about The Hunger of all living things…” He motions to all of the planes and says, “This is the power it seeks, the power of creation itself. A billion, billion lives have been devoured by this Hunger in pursuit of its power…”

We also know from what Lucas explained about the planar system that the outer planes influence the others. (I can't find a direct quote on this.)

Going back to what lich-Barry said: the source of the Hunger could be the plane whose energies cause greed/want/whatever in people!

And then, maybe... well there was that flashback scene where we saw Magnus give the cup to Jack and June specifically because they were good.

Could it be that when people use the relics for selfish reasons, they're somehow alerting the Hunger to their location?
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Different note: I saw seven birds: the Twins, the Lover, the Protector, the Lonely Journal-keeper, the Peacemaker, and the Wordless One.

So that'll be... twins = Taako and Lup obviously, journal-keeper = Lucretia (I knew Isaac was a fakeout!), wordless one = Davenport (which, a thousand lols). Of the remaining three I'm kinda not sure - Magnus could be the lover or the protector, Merle could be the protector or the peacemaker, and we know little enough about Barry that he could be any of them. But my first guess is that Magnus = protector and Merle = peacemaker, which would leave Barry as the lover. And - given what we learned about how liches can manage to keep themselves sane in the last arc, aw, hey, I bet Barry and Lup were a thing and his feelings for her are what's anchored him all this time. I mean remember the way he burst into flames when he said "you found her??" :(
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I love that Griffin took the Davenport as Pokemon joke from the beginning and made it a legit plot point!
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I just saw a theory about The Hunger's plane consisting of everything voidfishes have eaten and I can't think about anything else, so perfect.
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God if the voidfishes are "bad" and Magnus gets a Samus/Metroid Baby moment with the wee baby voidfish I'm going to be a wreck
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Can I say that I'm a little upset that in the fictional work I'm tinkering with there is also a Light of Creation as well as an important plot point regarding a character's erased past. I'm not sure if Griffin merely beat me to the punch or if I've been subtly influenced by The Adventure Zone.
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Davenport davenport!
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What does it mean to say Davenport's life was the mission?
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We'll probably get more info next episode, but I thinks it means that the mission was the grounding for Davenport's sense of identity and the context for all of his memories. He only understood himself as the captain of the IPRE. Remove that keystone, and the arch collapses, leaving nothing more coherent than a name.
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That makes sense. Thanks.
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