The Leftovers: The Book of Kevin
April 17, 2017 1:07 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the first episode of The Leftovers' third and final season, there's an intriguing prologue, a time jump, we catch up with most of the regular characters and we're left with a fascinating epilogue. Only 14 Days To Go until the end of the world.
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This show may be losing its touch. I didn't cry once this episode.
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I'm so ready for this season. Bring on the feels.
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Did you see Nora's face when the birthday boy asked if anyone else wanted his wish?

I think their families are coming back. Everybody has moved on, and everybody is lovingly entangled, and their lives are going to be ran over by the Arrival of the previously Departed.

If I'm right, feels are definitely going to be brought on.
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Oh fuck I just got to minute 39. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.


Please someone CW these motherfuckers. Then again, this is The Leftovers, so what was I expecting?

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When grumpybearbride and I got to the end of the episode, her reaction was to proclaim "I'm so confused!" I agreed, and was happy about it. I love that this show doesn't pander.
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* Kevin's repeated attempts or acts that looks like attempts to kill himself: jumping into the water; the plastic drycleaning bag; almost being shot. He knows he can't die, whether he admits it to himself or not.

* Every one of the big players (Matt, Michael, John) in the town knows that he can't die in Miracle/Jarden. It struck me last season and again in the church that Kevin has the least biblical name possible.

* Michael has been doing something on that laptop. My guess would be transcribing the handwritten book. So there is more than one copy, even if it's unfinished.

* Kevin will have to shave off his beard next episode so he gets fewer Jesus references.

* Did anyone else think Matt engineered that GR protest at the baptisms so that Kevin would jump in? Something about how he reacted made me wonder. It became clear that the secret plan between Matt and Michael was the book, but maybe it wasn't the only thing. A pity John didn't conduct the baptism for maximum biblical comparison. Also Kevin just trashed a lot of expensive cop equipment by leaping in with his gear on.

* That was definitely older Nora at the end, right?

* Mostly I am delighted that it's finally back on TV. I will watch this episode again.
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Also Kevin just trashed a lot of expensive cop equipment by leaping in with his gear on.

that was also immediately my first thought.

rewatching that scene where Michael closed the laptop, it almost looks like he was either trying to sell the book online or getting it published.

That was most def older Nora at the end. I don't know if that was a scene from the future or not, but at this point if this show jumps into time traveling I'm jumping right in along with it.
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kandinski, I assumed that Nora's reaction had to do with whatever happened to Lily.

And whatever the hell DID happen to Lily? And who is the tiger in Meg's Sigfried and Roy analogy. Evie? Meg? Kevin? The writers for putting us through this?

I love this show. At the very least it is consistently better than it needs to be. Maybe?
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And who is the tiger in Meg's Sigfried and Roy analogy
Maybe it was the relative timing of that drone strike, but I took the tiger to be the ATFEC (or just the Government generally).

Yes, I'm a few years late on this one.
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I’m sure they’ll get around to explaining this, but what happened to Erika?
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