Superstore: Tornado
May 6, 2017 6:50 AM - Season 2, Episode 22 - Subscribe

The store deals with changing economic conditions, while Garrett tries to find where he stands in his relationship in this "sexy" episode.
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That was some insane special effects for a sitcom. Also a very gorgeous ending.

Ugh on Jonah and Amy though. I wish not every show had to make their costars romantically entangled. Why can't the douchy but somehow lovable dude and the "sexy" and grounded woman just be friends?
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Also: I hope they find Brett.

An interesting tidbit: The tornado was because they needed to destroy the sets anyway because Universal was expanding their theme park.
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Agreed on the relationship thing, GM. Crazy ending, though. Interesting to know about the sets.
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Didn't the New MST3K cover that in a segment in the "Avalanche" episode?
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I'm just happy that Bo's full name is Bilbo Derek Thompson (from the previous episode, not this one).
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"Ugh on Jonah and Amy though. I wish not every show had to make their costars romantically entangled. "

I think it's a little different in this show, though, because while Jonah is smart and nice and likeable, it seems pretty clear to me that he's attractive to Amy primarily not as Jonah but as an avatar as a life that she missed out on by getting married super-young to someone she doesn't like that much. Sure, she's friends with Jonah and they have good friend-chemistry, but I think he's only romantically appealing because his college smart-boy thing is what she couldn't pursue. I feel like they've set it up as if Amy and Jonah think they might be the great loves of one anothers' lives on whom they missed out, but viewers can tell they're actually missing out on the lives they wish they had if they hadn't fucked up, and they're heading towards potentially turning their friendship into a dumpster fire by turning each other into the avatar of what they want in LIFE, rather than love.

The idea of Amy and Jonah getting together does not seem like happy fate or inevitable destiny; it seems like six horrible plots waiting to fuck up their lives even worse, it hangs over the series not like the promise of Ross-and-Rachel but like an evil monkey's paw.
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Doesn't Jonah really really resemble her highschool celebrity crush, too (the posters in her childhood room)?
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I believe you're right.
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I liked this episode and the aftermath of the tornado was on point and terrifying, but I really do wish that TV writers depicting "life in the midwest" would try to do just a little research about what living in the midwest is actually like before they do a tornado episode.

It was just totally unbelievable that this team of people living in Missouri were so terrified about the tornado warning, had no idea where the shelters in the store were or what those sirens were about, saying "I don't want to die" etc. During active seasons, tornado warnings happen fairly frequently. They're stressful and often boring (because it's boring to just sit in your shelter spot) but you've lived through the last half-dozen so you usually assume you'll live through this one.

In general I've gathered that TV writers think tornadoes are like the hurricanes of the midwest (the ridiculous United States of Tara tornado episode was the worst offender in this regard), but they're really not.
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Nearly everything that ever happens on Superstore is totally unbelievable. The fact that they were clueless about tornado warnings isn't a stretch when you see how they are with every other aspect of their lives. It is a funny, entertaining 30 minute comedy show, not a documentary.
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Yes, but if I can't come on Metafilter to post totally overthought and overwrought comments on things that are intended to be comedic and lighthearted then like, where even can I do it
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It was just totally unbelievable that this team of people living in Missouri were so terrified about the tornado warning

On the other hand, if you're ever with me in a tornado warning that is very close, I'm either going to need to make out with somebody I've had a long simmering crush on or will go full-Cheyenne on the floor.

(I have lived in outside of a tornado alley for almost 20 years but I still have recurring tornado nightmares.)

The end of the episode was really beautiful, even the Jonah/Amy stuff, which I really want to be on the "even with the kissing, this is not really a love story for the ages" track.
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I generally love this show but seriously, I get no sexual chemistry off Amy and Jonah (friend chemistry yes, but she scorns him enough at times that I just can't see her wanting to bone him, somehow) and her unhappy marriage, every time it's brought up, just makes me sad.

I do think the Vox article, while I don't agree with it on the sexual chemistry bit, has some good points about how it does seem to be some kind of "any port in a storm" relationship.
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