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May 11, 2017 5:37 PM - Season 4, Episode 25 - Subscribe

The Crystal Gems fight to free the humans abducted by Aquamarine and Topaz.
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I've seen lots of hate on Lars about what he does in this episode. Personally I can't blame him. Who can say what any of us would do in such a wild situation as that, much less poor Lars whose deck is so thoroughly stacked against him. Anyway, it means he didn't escape with the rest of the humans and gets a one-way ticket to Homeworld with the queen of the rebels herself, Steven Quartz Universe.

I would've been upset if Alexandrite didn't show up. Too bad she didn't dribble that hershey's kiss ship right into the ocean, the way Lapis dunked the Roving Eye. Anyway, I would bet you see that ship in Doug Out if you know what you're looking for. I should go back and rewatch it.

So what happens now? Steven and Lars are stuck together headed for Homeworld. Most theories revolve around how the CGs are going to show up to save Steven (Rubies come back AGAIN? Lapis flies to homeworld AGAIN? They manage to fix the Galaxy Warp? They repair the pink hand/legship and show up in style?) but I think that's not how it will go down. Classic Steven would be "Steven makes new Gem friends who unexpectedly risk everything to help" but that seems unlikely, so I'm going with "Steven finds a secret Homeworld branch of Crystal Gems that have been in hiding for 5000 years" or possibly "Steven just fucking shatters yet another diamond"
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Mr. Encyclopedia: They repair the pink hand/legship and show up in style?)

My god. They have the skills required to do it, between Pearl, Peridot and Bismuth. Here I was just assuming that Lapis would lose her shit and fly to homeworld or some such, or we'd have Steven steal the ship somehow and get himself and Lars home. God, having the CG show up in Pink's own ship....*shivers* That would be great.

That said, I do think the CGs could have pressed their case against the Hershey ship a bit more, she breathes fire for goddsake. My partner has speculated that there's something inherent to how gems are set up that makes them prone to taking orders from the people they respect further up the hierarchy, which is why they let Steven go even though he's basically still a child.
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My proposal: all the gems but Lapis poof themselves; Lapis flies to the nearest Gem outpost, carrying them; the other Gems reform and steal at least two spaceships. Amethyst takes one to pick up the Famethyst and any humans (from Earth or from the zoo) who want in on the fight. Both ships rendezvous at Homeworld, ready to kick Diamond ass.
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My proposal: all the gems but Lapis poof themselves; Lapis flies to the nearest Gem outpost, carrying them.

I HAD NOT EVEN THOUGHT OF THIS. What a cool idea! It would also give Peridot a chance to reform with a star :)

Though I still think "Pink Diamond's ship" because otherwise why show it to us? Though, who besides Steven and Lion know about Rose's junk pile/PD's ship? I DO think the Crystal Heart of the Temple is from PD's ship--it looks a lot like the one in Peridot's hand ship.

I also like the idea of this being The Right Time to unbubble Bismuth and tell her about corruption and then say "help us fix this wrecked ship, oh giant friend with metal powers, so we can kick Diamond ass."

And I STILL don't actually think RQ shattered PD. I think something else happened. There has been way too little detail around such a momentous occasion.

Also unresolved: the Cluster! WHITE DIAMOND! Corruption! I have no idea what if any answers we get on this arc.
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Also, there is a new preview out that will blow your mind.
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ahhh 1 hour long! June 7th seems so far away!
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emjaybee: I kind of hope Pearl did it. It seems much more satisfying to me as an adult to have the slave free herself from her oppressor, rather than just have Rose rescue her after the fact.
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They manage to fix the Galaxy Warp?

This is my bet. I recently did a re-watching of season 1. The Crystal Gems gather up all of Peridot's robinoids. The little orb things that have healing goo. Amethyst bursts a couple, but they're never really spoken of again - aside from Pearl using one as a test subject that ended up blowing out all the electricity in Beach City.

Peridot had deactivated them on her discovery of the crying friends breakfast sticker, but that one was moving about even after Pearl blew her EP machine. My general guess is that they're floating around somewhere in the temple. (maybe in Amethyst's room!)

for those who want the next episode "Stuck Together" - it's on the cartoon network app. (requires cable subscription service, unfortunately) Evidently it's going to be part of the memorial day hour-long episode.

So what happened after the ship flew away?

which is why they let Steven go even though he's basically still a child.

It's more subtly hinted at than other things in the show, but the Gems themselves are bad at strategy. Garnet is good at being at the right place at the right time, and Pearl will happily put herself in harms way or find a technical solution, but that's about as far as it goes. All three are muscle.
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I've done my squeeing about this great episode elsewhere, but anyone whose favourite moment isn't when Aquamarine is extendedly taunting the Crystal Gems and Pearl without signposting goes for an eff-you murder-stab is wrong.

The trailer is mind-blowing stuff. Don't know how they'll walk the series back to Earth status quo-ish afterwards. My dream cliffhanger scenario for whatever happens after the Diamond-dodges of the one-hour special is for the escaping Steven to open a door and there in the distance with the fixed Pink ship/Galaxy Warp/whatever are most of the Crystal Gems, but 90% of the screen is larger-than-life Bismuth, her hand outstretched and all "Steven! Come with me if you want to live!"

Also, nonasuch's suggestion that the CGs poof themselves, plus the fact that one of the upcoming episodes is apparently called (spoilers!) "Lars' Head" makes me wonder if Lars might end up wearing Gems (Gem-people? Geeple?) in his ear-holes before all's said and done.
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My boyfriend has evidently heard in the wind (aka Tumblr) that Lars and Steven might fuse.

We've decided said fusion would be named Stars.
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I was worried that this storyline was going to be resolved super quickly and immediately be forgotten.


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