Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: "Kimmy Gets Divorced?!"
May 22, 2017 9:44 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Back in New York, Titus goes to great lengths to score an audition for "Sesame Street". Jacqueline encourages Kimmy to play hardball with the Reverend.
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I found the whole Sesame Street plotline super weird and tasteless, particularly given the whole Kevin Clash scandal. Maybe that's why they did it? After what happened with the doctor, that seems extra mean. That plotline in a nutshell is what I like the least about this show- the need to make everything dark, dirty and creepy.
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I just thought it was plain dull. I won't be watching any more of this series.
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I binged season 3 this sunday and I liked this season more than season 2. The Sesame Street plotline didn't strike me as tasteless.
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My wife and I binged the first four episodes this weekend, after thinking "hey, it's getting late, let's just watch one."

Kimmy: Jacqueline, can you look at these?
Jacqueline: [rattling envelope] Ooh, divorce papers.
Kimmy: Uh-huh, from you-know-who.
Mimi: Nice try. I know that means Voldemort. Now I know he's single.

That killed me.

And then there are the jokes that just make me smile:
Lillian: Bobby, sweetie, since we've been back together, I feel like that 12-year-old at summer camp on Roosevelt Island, running around the abandoned tuberculosis hospital, scaring ghosts.
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Ugh. That's the thing about Kimmy Schmidt. There are so many genuinely great moments, and it's so clever and and so cheerfully dark, and then there's like this weird determination to do stupidgross things like the Sesame Street bit or stupid mean things like the plastic surgeon bit. Or the painfully awful Sioux plot line.

And it's needless. It's like going for drinks with a seemingly normal coworker at your new job and finding out they're a mean drunk halfway through their first round. You never feel quite comfortable and I don't know why Fey & Co are so insistent on it.
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Time to strap in for another season of hilarious dialogue surrounded by genuinely discomforting levels of tastelessness made all the more unpleasant by the knowledge that the makers should know better
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I felt like this episode was weaker than the rest of the season I've watched so far.
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I liked this episode and I didn't think of the Kevin Clash connection with the Sesame Street plot. I'm still not so sure that's what they're referencing because while this was pretty gross, Titus is an adult and got out of there without actually being forced into anything. I didn't know the doctor was even based on a real person, much less the rest of that story, so maybe there is something to the Sesame thing. I was more surprised they called it Sesame Street by name and not Caraway Road or something. That seemed pretty bold considering the audition scene.

The back and forth with the Reverend was great. Hamm's great as the whiny little boy and it's nice to see Kimmy get some revenge (though pretty mild) - especially when it's not super dark.

I could really do without the Robert Durst story though. I don't have any desire to see any more of Robert Durst or Fred Armisen. It's also just not funny to me at all. Lillian's summer camp line was great, but could easily have been done in another context.
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Man, I enjoyed the hell out of this one, and it felt like they had it all more together than they did with last season. The Sesame Street thing 1.) didn't feel too tasteless to me, and 2.) didn't seem like a reference to Kevin Clash at all, but just like an extension of where the most unexpected place for Titus to run into a casting couch scenario would be.
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I'll be honest. I actually forgot about the Robert Durst thing and I kinda wish the writers had too.
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