Mystery Science Theater 3000: AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.
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"A blast of blood-curdling terror from outer space!" "They used the world's deadliest weapons against this super-secret agent! Women! Women! Women!" A spy tries to stop the use of a flesh-decaying substance from being used for evil by commies. Generally a good episode I think, in the middle of a streak of good episodes. This is the one where Mike is put on cosmic trial for blowing up those planets. YouTube (1h31m) Premiered August 2, 1997.

Episode 815 AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.
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Bill Corbett remembers the episode in his entry for the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide. His reflections:
The generic-'60s-spy movie theme from Agent for H.A.R.M. provided us all with yet another vehicle to torture each other's already embattled psyches around here at Best Brains -- it was sung and hummed at top volume for weeks, ultimately hurting everyone involved, I think.
This show had several milestones in it, if you're into that kinda thing. It marked the directorial debut of one Michael "Antonioni" Nelson, who did an excellent job despite the pretentious on-set wardrobe of jodhpurs and riding crop. Mike had a tough first assignment with our extended courtroom scenario, which was a trip into the unfamiliar for all of us -- but came through with flying colors (or more appropriately, with flying black and white). It was also the first show where the voice of Gypsy was supplied by our own set-and-prop genius Patrick Brantseg, filling Jim Mallon's big shoes extraordinarily well, and wielding the often-unwieldy Gypsy like a pro.
I also think Mary Jo and Kevin reached new heights of funny for Pearl and Bobo in the host segments, as attorneys for the prosecution and defense, respectively. Our brilliant editor Brad Keeley turned in a CableAce-worthy comic performance as the little Amish boy, challenging our collective ability to keep a collective straight face while taping.
I played the intergalactic judge, and though my voice changed accents and octaves in every segment, it was, technically, supposed to be only one consistent character -- although when Brain Guy took the stand, Paul sat in as the Judge. This is noticeable on not-so-close scrutiny, since I weigh roughly four times what Paul does, and it shows in the face.
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IMDB (1966, 2.0 stars)
"Secret agent tries to stop a scientist who has devised a bacterium that devours the body from within."
Directed by Gerd Oswald. Written by Blair Robertson. Starring Peter Mark Richman, Wendell Corey and Carl Esmond.

As noted in Bill Corbett's notes, this is the first episode with Patrick Brantseg playing Gypsy, taking over Jim Mallon's sole performing role. Although the touch of Brantseg, as the show's propmaster, is all over Mystery Science Theater, he performed very little throughout the show's classic run.

Sources say that the movie was originally filmed as a TV pilot, but that fell through and it was switched to a theatrical release. Some places say the movie is meant to be a spoof, others say it's a spy thriller with sci-fi elements. I found two different posters for it, each implying a different focus! (The differing taglines are the quoted bits at the beginning of the post.)
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Every week some of us get together in a video sharing chatroom and watch that week's Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode together, riffing along with the guys. It's MST Club! This week's show is at, at 9 PM tonight (Thursday) Eastern time. (That's 6 PM Pacific time.) If that sounds fun to you then come along and join us!
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What a fun-stupid movie. The lead actor, Mark David Chapman, had a notable role in a notable episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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The man who killed John Lennon was on Star Trek: The Next Generation?!
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HAHAHAHA wow, that'll teach me to post right after waking up. Peter Mark Richman.
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"A treacherous Frenchman! Who'd have thought?"

Another one of my top 5 eps.
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With Prince and Bob Marley!!
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