Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE PUMAMAN
November 16, 2017 4:54 AM - Season 9, Episode 3 - Subscribe

AKA "L'uoma Puma." Donald Pleasence has stolen a mind-control mask, and it's up to The Pumaman to stop him! But we don't know who that is yet! So faithful priest Vadinho throws people out of windows until he finds the one guy who survives it: must be him. Watch him soar through the air with the opposite of grace! We are all surely doomed. This is a beloved episode, the riffing is terrific throughout. The great improbability that our hero could be an Anything Man makes the whole thing ridiculous on its face, but it keeps on stretching the premise further and further. In Castle Forrester, Pearl plans a ball but Brain Guy's party to watch the new episode of Sliders is more popular. YouTube (1h32m) Premiered April 4, 1998. 23 episodes left.

Episode 903 THE PUMAMAN

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Here's Paul Chaplin's impressions in the ACEG:
I'm the only one amongst the writers who believes the people behind Puma Man intended humor in the very geeky way Tony flies, what with his unremarkable limbs waggling all over and his sad cape coupled incongruously with his J.C. Penney slacks. Everyone else believes the filmmakers were deadly serious from the get-go.
On the other hand I do agree with the other writers that it would have been unpleasant to spend much time kissing Tony Farms, an activity portrayed rather a great deal in the movie. Bridget and Mary Jo were especially vehement on this point, I recall.
I was in Mexico once and saw a coatimundi. Yep.

Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt
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IMDB (1980, 2.1 stars)
Directed by Alberto De Martino. Written by him, Massimo De Rita and Luigi Angelo. Starring Walter George Alton, Donald Pleasence, Miguel Angel Fuentes and Sydne Rome.
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Every we watch a couple of episodes of MST3K, including the one featured in that week's writeup. You should watch with us! It's Thursday nights at 7 PM Eastern (4 Pacific, 5 Mountain, 6 Central), at:

This week's episodes are (7 PM) 208 LOST CONTINENT and (9 PM) 903 THE PUMAMAN. Hope to see you there, and then!
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♫ ♬ Da Dada DaDadadada ♫ ♬
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you want

the flavor of bacon in a dip.
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I aspire to someday be as bald as you, sir.

I'm cool-ish on the CC era, but Pumaman is an unmitigated classic.

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You can always show up for the second episode if you want! We don't mind. (Well, I don't mind.)

I considered, briefly, inventing a Call of Cthulhu adventure that's just a thinly-disguised excuse to adapt this movie. A mad cultist is roaming the city, tossing folk out of buildings, looking for someone who doesn't know he's related to an aspect of Nyarlathotep called Thep-Umaman....
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Absolutely mandatory: Tommy Smothers on Pumas (in the crevasses)
full-length routine: "Take it!" "No."
Should be required to run on repeat for 15 minutes before "Pumaman".
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Vadinho is really the Kato of this film.

Also, Sam Elliot is Ted Turner in the Gregory Peck Story!
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you want

the flavor of bacon in a dip.
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You guys I have literally had this in my head for this entire weekend, including throughout and after the evening where I was running music trivia. Nothing could unseat it.

I don't even want the flavour of bacon in a dip!
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This is a reminder, there is - NO MST3K SHOW - this week, because of upcoming Turkey Day. Instead, we'll be trying to get the stream again in the room so we won't have to compete to be heard with ten thousand random YouPotatoes. Hope you can drop by!
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