Mystery Science Theater 3000: WEREWOLF
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aka Arizona Werewolf. "Rest in... beast." Did you know you can contract werewolfism through improper handling of teeth? Yuri discovers this and infects Paul with Involuntary Furry Syndrome. He did this to make money exhibiting Paul-as-wolf, since as we all know sideshow exhibitions are so very lucrative. Paul escapes this fate through the application of a timely mauling and hooks up with his GF, who becomes a werewolf too. Now the two of them spend their nights terrorizing the townfolk; what a romantic ending! It's another fan favorite episode! When this episode was made, the movie was only three years old! This is the episode with the brilliant "Tusk!" bit over the movie's credits music. Satellite News subsite Ward E cataloged all the references, and this YouTube video overlays the MST versions with the originals (2m). YouTube (1h32m). Premiered April 18, 1998. 22 episodes left.

Episode 904 WEREWOLF

Satellite News - Mighty Jack's Episode Review - War of the Colossal Fan Guide - Annotated MST3K - TVTropes - It's Just A Show podcast

Bill Corbett's take from the online portion of the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide:
Oh, sweet, wonderful Werewolf. Where to begin? OK, in no particular order:

1. Accents galore, resulting in myriad pronunciations of the word "werewolf": e.g., "wurwilf," "warwulf," and so on.
2. The house caretaker -- who is some weird hybrid of Jerry Garcia and a Michigan Militiaman -- singing his signature top-forty hit, "Strange Things A-Doin'."
3. The many werewolf looks this movie presents: Sometimes simply a wolf, other times a kind of man-bear, other times a sort of fruit bat puppet, and at still other times just a guy with the mumps overdue for a shave.
4. The main archeologist earnestly and somberly presenting his theory of how werewolves must "sleep nose to anus."
5. I could go on, as you could, too, I'm sure.

A few bits of MST trivia:

Werewolf is the newest movie we've ever done (1995).
The cute cocker spaniel at the end of segment five is Humphrey, Kevin's dog, who readers of the MST Amazing Colossal Episode Guide will recognize as the photo op dog at the end of the book in Kevin's, Trace's, Mike's, Mary Jo's, Paul's, & Jim's arms.

Finally, as a writer who tries to actually write, and knowing many like me (many right in this very Best Brains office!), I will be filing a class-action suit on behalf of us all for this movie's premise that its doorknob protagonist is a man of the pen. Sure, I know the guy has problems what with his sporadic turning into a werewolf and all, but, for instance, Mike kept writing even when he sprained his ankle. They're feeding you lies about us, I say!

Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt
Rotten Tomatoes (Critics N/A, Viewers 13%) - Wikipedia - TVTropes
IMDB (1995, 1.7 stars)
"Unscrupulous archaeologists try to take advantage of an outbreak of lycanthropy prompted by the discovery of a werewolf skeleton in the Arizona desert."
Directed by Tony Zarindast. Written by him and Brad Hornbacher. Starring Jorge Rivero, Richard Lynch and Federico Cavalli.
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Ack, the YouTube link is malformed. It should go to here.
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Every Thursday we in MST Club watch a couple of episodes of the show, including that week's Fanfare post subject, at 7 PM and 9 PM Eastern (4 and 7 Pacific, respectively). The location of the show this week is at The early show episode this week is TIME OF THE APES. I hope you can join us!
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Whose story is this, Shelly?
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One of the two best and only movies riffed featuring Joe Estevez. Also, the bearded caretaker ("strange thing a-doin' round here") is played by R.C. Bates, who I recognized from the mockumentary And God Spoke. He plays God in the film within the film and has what appears to be a genuine conversation with Soupy Sales. So there's that.
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This has no relevance to Warrwylf specifically, but I wanted to call all of your attention to the fact that apparently every single episode of "The Master" is on Youtube. Joining Lee Van Cleef and Timothy Van Patten in the post-Master Ninja I/II installments include such guest actors as:

- a young Janine Turner

- Diana Muldaur, who played Dr. Pulaski in season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation and was also in an episode of The Original Series, I think as a Kirk love interest or something

- Marc Alaimo, who played Gul Dukat on DS9

- William Campbell, who played the Klingon commander Koloth in one episode each of TOS and Deep Space Nine

- MST3K season 11's own Doug McClure!!

- and a bunch of doughy guys who look like they just walked off the Rockford set.

Mrs. CoB and I have been watching these and finding them wonderfully riffable.
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That is quite a find CheesesOfBrazil! Those things might make for a good MeFi post maybe?
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Why, there's an idea, JHarris. Soon, I will have watched all of them, and yes, I think I shall.
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Sadly, Humphrey has since gone to live on a farm upstate somewhere.
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I think as a Kirk love interest or something

I like to believe we are all Kirk love interests, in one way or another.

PSA: Wolfish driving is drunk driving. View responsibly.
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But we’re too busy sniging to put anybody dwon.
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This is my favorite episode of MST3k. I think a lot of it is that the movie is basically perfect for this kind of thing -- it is thoroughly ridiculous in basically every way, but takes itself waaaaaay too seriously. The transformation scenes in particular just make me laugh and laugh. The scene where they play pool is another scene that sticks out to me -- I appreciate that they call it out whenever an improperly stowed pool cue falls over. And then there's 'Where Oh Werewolf'...
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I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO PATIENTLY. This is my favorite MST3K. It has been quoted by myself and my siblings for about 15 years off and on. To the point where when the three of us visited Flagstaff for the first time last year it was non-stop "Flagstaff. I can't believe I'm still in Flagstaff."

It is the best. Also it has "Where oh werewolf? I've looked every where-ere-wolf." Also it has who would you cast in your werewolf movie which consists entirely of famous people's brothers (Chip Hitler!) Also it has Mike as James Lipton. Omg omg omg. Favorite quotes:

"It might just be the Bumpasses' dogs, we're not sure."
"I was playing Miss Havisham in the school play when I got attacked by a werewolf!"
"You know you'd get a lot more done if you'd stop reveling after each small victory."
Werewolf throws woman down the stairs "This is some strange remake of Jane Eyre."
"NOEL: You see, 'yetiglanchi', translated, means 'he who trots here and there on all fours.'
SERVO: So, any animal."
"You know, it's economical not to have a storyline, cause then you can just film people saying things."
"Here we go. This is good, because it's been a couple minutes since a woman's been brutalized."
"She can't help but be impressed with the way I handled that situation - the way I scurried out of there when he ordered me to..."
"Now that I can drive, those caribou don't stand a chance!"
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But we’re too busy sniging to put anybody dwon.

Thanks for reminding me of this. We came up with a new little word game/gag/thing in chat last week. You take the second and third letters of important words and switch them. The result is usually entertainingly silly.
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