Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE DEADLY BEES
December 7, 2017 6:18 AM - Season 9, Episode 5 - Subscribe

"hives of horror! Excited by the smell of fear they inflict their fatal stings!" A British singer collapses on television and is sent to the countryside to recuperate. I guess she shouldn't have used AirB&B. Also apparently the British take forever to investigate anything. This episode is infamously unavailable commercially by any means, not YouTube, DVD, Video on Demand or streaming; it's one of those final few episodes where the copyright owners seem almost affronted at the temerity of that Midwest puppet show at making fun of their movie and have refused to license it for release. In subplot news, the other Observers are back and try to take Brain Guy away. Pearl and Bobo's attempts at getting him to stay is as close to touching as this deeply ridiculous show ever gets. Premiered May 9, 1998. 21 episodes left. (guy with bowler hat appears mysteriously, nods, and walks off into distance)


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Paul Chaplin reflects in this episode's entry in the ACEG:
In a way you have to admire the idea that a movie might be centered so purposefully and irretrievably on dreariness, and still presume to hold an audience's attention. It's an old-fashioned notion, I think, or British.
We do seem to have entered a British epoch in MST history. This is not the result of any grand plan, I assure you; it would have been just as easy to have found ourselves with a pile of Venezuelan pictures.
In general very little of what happens around here results from planning. Things just happen, and I find that a good approach to life. Usually everything turns out okay, and when it doesn't if you just wait a little bit,then it does. You may have to adjust your concept of "okay" along the way, but that's healthy.
Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt
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IMDB (1966, 3.5 stars)
Directed by Freddie Francis. Written by Robert Bloch, Anthony Marriott and Gerald Heard. Starring Suzanna Leigh, Frank Finlay and Guy Doleman.

BEE sure to check out that the credit for Prop Diva Beez McKeever has changed this episode!

I like to think that, in one episode of Futurama, Leela's reference to the "deadly deadly bees" that killed the old crew is a reference, if not to this movie, then to this episode.
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I'm VERY curious to know exactly how much Robert Bloch had to do with this. Maybe it was too close to one of his stories, so he sued for a writing credit?
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Unpleasant group of people in this one.
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The dog's meat! Have you seen it?
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It's time once again, tonight, for MST Club! Every week we watch a couple of MST3K episodes, including the subject of that week's post. We're in the home stretch now and I'm not sure what's going to happen to MST Club when it's over, so please drop by if you can, we have lots of fun! The show starts tonight at 7 PM Eastern time/4 PM Pacific.

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Hey, how much O'Keefe is in that Cave Dwellers movie?
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Okay this is the episode I use to turn people on- it’s an actual B movie with a budget and a script and it’s from the relatively recent past and it’s comoely bonkers.

This Is up there with The Leech Woman, Another B cheapie, for my favorite episode because these are both movies I would’ve sought out to watch even without the bots.

The standard thing to say when packing for a trip is “what do I wear for bee weather?”
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The chat during tonight's airing will contain a plethora of Bee Puns, some of which were unknown when the episode first aired.
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Ah the link to the episode:
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Go to hell, world
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Deadly Bees star Suzanna Leigh has passed away.
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