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When Richard and Rory bond over a game of golf at the club, Lorelai feels jealous of Rory's deepening connection with her grandparents.
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I watched a bunch of episodes ahead over the weekend, but this was the point at which I started to feel bewildered and a little alienated by Rory and Lorelai's relationship.

More specifically, do mothers really comment on the size of their daughters' racks? Has that literally ever happened even once, in all of recorded history? I know my own relationship with the woman what birthed me was enmity-based for the duration, which tends to make a lot of super-common 'family stuff' disproportionately mind-blowing to me, and I know it's just TV... but man, I watched that conversation with the most extreme D: face I think I've ever made. So much D:.

Still feeling meh about the wealthy grandparents but that's probably my inner class warrior shining through.

And I guess it's the nature of the beast, but it always weirds me out when shows create Very Meaningful Relationships out of thin air, like Rory and Dean having the boyfriend/girlfriend talk shortly after what appears to be one of their first on-screen conversations. Then again, they do the same thing on The Bachelor/ette, and those people are real!
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I haven't rewatched this episode, but yes, some families make physical traits and inheritance a common topic. My in-laws routinely chat about who my husband got his (cute, perky) round butt from, and which women received the big boobs gene and which didn't. It goes way over the squick line for me, but it's normal for them.
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It was extra stupid because surely she already knew whose boobs are bigger. "Let's compare bra sizes!" I'm guessing you were there in the fitting room when she bought the damn bra, Lorelai, given how creepily close you are.
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I think the point might have been that they are more like sisters, who I think bra sizes would come up, if not often, at least sometimes without weirdness*. "Your boobs are totally bigger than mine!" Actually, I think perceiving them as sisters helps a lot of the time, like how they bicker, but every now and then Lorelei's, all, I'm older so I'm the boss now. (It is confusing how the show keeps telling us that they always get along, when it shows them having multiple huge arguments during the first several episodes.)

Lorelei's riff on the things she would rather do than go to the country club is one of my favorite things of the entire show. Including the self awareness that prompted her to give Rory the keys so that she could keep going. I love that she loves to babble and make fun of things.

*Source: two sisters.
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Re: "creepily close"
Just wait for the morning scene in ep 12!
Watching the show back, I realized that Lorelei is a jerk a lot of the time.
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They weren't really arguing about the bra size or the sweaters. Lorelei was hurt because Rory enjoyed her day with Richard something she never did. Rory was always on her side and now she wasn't.

She also realized how selfish she was being so felt guilty about that which made her mad at Emily for creating the situation in the first place.

Lorelei Gilmore is a complicated person.
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Watching the show back, I realized that Lorelei is a jerk a lot of the time.

This is true, and sad. My re-watching of Gilmore Girls is not giving me the same love as my initial watching of Gilmore Girls.
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More specifically, do mothers really comment on the size of their daughters' racks?

Mine has.
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Please tell me we see more of "the most odious woman alive".
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Still feeling meh about the wealthy grandparents but that's probably my inner class warrior shining through.

Richard completely won me over at the club when he started bragging on Rory to his buddies, all nonchalant like "oh of course I have the best granddaughter ever were we even competing heh *brushes shoulders off.*" The whole scene was adorable, I loved how the buddies were also very supportive and impressed that she's a good student who wants to travel. How sweet was that?

In general, I'm really liking Rory. Before watching the show, I had the idea that she would be this completely aggravating vision of perfection and precociousness, but actually, she seems like a normal, not-very-slick-but-well-meaning kid.

And no, I can't imagine having the "your boobs are bigger!" fight with my mom. My mom *has* informed me, many a time, of her dislike of boobs larger than a certain size. But I'm pretty well-endowed, so for politeness's sake, she has had to inflate the size of "too big" over the years (now she seems to aim for that "too big" size to always be one size larger than what she guesses I wear).

I agree that it was a pretty weird argument for Lorelei and Rory to be having, but I guess it was so "sister-y" and not at all "mother/daughter-y" because Lorelei was feeling sibling rivalry toward Rory? She was clearly jealous that things had gone well between Richard and Rory at the club.

I think that Lorelei is supposed to be kind of OTT self-involved, I don't think she's supposed to be "normal" even within the world of the show? I mean, it is seriously weird for a sixteen-year-old to name her daughter HER SAME NAME. Who does that? Well, not a Jewish person, that's who -- at least how I've been taught, to name someone after a person who's still alive is like making it clear that you're trying to replace the (older) namesake. So it's like Lorelei was trying to replace *herself* with her daughter? And now it sorta appears to be working *shiver*

But I guess if Lorelei(s) were Jewish, basically none of this episode could have happened anyway because COME ON with that club. And I still don't understand what Richard even does? At first I thought he was in insurance, but that doesn't seem to be the case? I feel like he has the kind of job that irl I'd describe as a "banker" because I don't actually understand but it seems to be finance-y.

Anyway, despite my initial misgivings, I love Rory and the grandparents at this point, but find Lorelei bizarrely clueless, and have a sort of benign goodwill toward everyone else. Everyone else except Sooki, she drives me nuts. She's the kind of person that would drive me to an hourly smoking habit just so I'd have an excuse to get out of that kitchen. And always with the food, she's obsessed, and I have zero interest. But I also don't even understand the appeal of Top Chef because if you can't actually eat the food they're talking about right now then WHO CARES? So obviously I'm not even going to be able to muster up a fraction of a shit to give about a made up person obsessing endlessly over made up food that I can't eat anyway.
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At this point, I'm more annoyed with Lorelei than Sooki, but Jackson and Babette are my faves when it comes to random townspeople. If I recall correctly, they all will mellow out as the show progresses.

Re:"boobs larger than a certain size"
There is no such thing as size D breasts comes to mind. I'm sure your mom knows that, rue72. It's a shocker for a lot of guys though.
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my mom totally comments on my boobs and has since i first started growing them. i was a bigger size than her by the time i was 11 or so and it never fails to bemuse her.
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My entire family has commented, even had entire conversations (who did they come from, will they get bigger, how did this happen) about my boobs. I'm such an anomaly in my family and we've talked so much about it that it's become normal for me to freely talk about boobs whenever and wherever, so I guess I just assumed that everyone talks about them. With whomever.

Richard's work is insurance. They will tell us this again several times in the future but they will never tell us what it means.
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I kind of like that, on rewatch, I'm seeing Lorelei as more annoying. In the first episode she says something about Rory going to Chilton and them "finally having a normal mother-daughter relationship", so Lorelai strikes me as someone with really bright flashes of self-awareness, recognizing that they aren't quite normal and even not quite healthy, but then unable to do much about it. On rewatch, I'm seeing annoying Lorelai as much more interesting and flawed than I remember.
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Maybe it's an age thing? I'm watching for the first time and I've been finding Lorelai really irritating. She has moments of normal parenting but her interactions with other people are so often just annoying.

(I'm powering through episodes -- up to S01E17 already -- and she has more likeable moments as time goes by, or as I get more immune, I'm not sure. I'm in it for Richard and Emily at this point.)
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i rewatched a large chunk of the series a few months before it hit netflix - it was my first dedicated rewatch since the show originally aired - i was surprised how much my opinions had changed. really what i kept wanting was the show focused on lane kim or paris (or both). also, enjoy your fuzzy feelings for richard now while you can...
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Maybe it's an age thing? I'm watching for the first time and I've been finding Lorelai really irritating.

First-time watcher. I'm on episode 4 now and I find Lorelai super irritating. And then I'm sort of entranced by how much I like her clothes, or how much I like the townspeople, or whatever song they're playing.

AND I just realized Emily is Marjorie Houseman. So there's that!
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I LOVED the scene where Emily says that Richard's happiness will be based on how well his day with his granddaughter goes. And, really, I understand Richard's reluctance - there are a ton of sixteen year old girls who would HATE to golf with Grandpa and would much rather be at the mall. I like that Rory is willing to try it out and doesn't seem to have any underlying ulterior motives.

The conversation about boob size definitely felt forced, but I can see how it was meant to show that Lorelai was jealous and just irrationally lashing out. "I'm grumpy about this thing with my parents, but I don't know how to handle it, so that minor irritation of seeing your wear my sweater WITHOUT ASKING, AGAIN!, is just going to bubble up out of proportion."

Also, I love Sooki. Love her, love her, love her. I love her interactions with Jackson, too. She is a WOMAN ON A MISSION! A mission of YUMMY, TASTY FOOD. And no one will get in her way of accomplishing it. So many women (like me) are raised to assume to demure to men when challenged and there Sookie was, saying "OH HELL NO" to those blueberries. Even when Jackson was trying to do it to please her, she didn't feel any need to soften the rejection.

I did not realize that Jenji Kohan was a producer for the show (or at least this episode). Explains part of why I enjoyed Weeds so much, I guess. :)
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"But one is a man and one is a woman." Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Wait a minute, Lorelai literally works at "Independence Inn."
"To me, you are the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon."
"Now you look just like Tiger Woods." "That is some hat."
"Wow, you suck at this game."
"That committee of yours is not watching people as much as you think."
"Sometimes it wasn't MY ball, but the intentions were good."
"Okay, new word now."
Who the hell thinks harp gets you in with the in-crowd?!
"Should I leave you two alone?" Rory + Mirror OTP?
Geez, these post-golfing scenes are so painful. How could she ever want that country club life?! (I dunno, you're making her go to Chilton.)
'Your boobs are totally bigger than me!" Let's get out the measuring tape!
Sookie causes a guy to take a header on a bike, does not notice at all.
"A crazy spirit with bra size took over my body."
"If you're wearing that ruffled underwear, big crowd pleaser."
"If it makes you feel any better, I think I got a fungus from the steam room." It does.
Doublemint Twin Wedding.
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