RuPaul's Drag Race: American
June 16, 2018 2:13 PM - Season 10, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The queens record verses to Rupaul's track "American", perform it on the main stage and be interviewed by Rupaul and Michelle Visage for their podcast to decide who will go on to the finale; choreographer Todrick Hall guest judges.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Four on the Floor (Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang for Vulture)
Someday they’ll teach in schools that the penultimate (non-reunion) episode of a Drag Race season used to matter. Or at least used to create some dramatic tension before the finale’s big gay climax. We all love hearing the queens’ original verses in a Ru-mixed single accompanied by Todrick-sanctioned choreo, and while loops close and narratives get buttoned up this week, are we even supposed to care in a post-Lip-Sync-for-the-Crown world? In theory Kameron Michaels could win this whole thing and render Aquaria’s pristine track record meaningless, and all we would get as an audience is Today Tix product placement.

Still, we have a fun, fitting send-off for this final group of queens, right before Ru jettisons them into the arena and one girl stunts her way to the top. As we prepare for the showdowns, let’s take a holistic look at the Top Four’s journey and devote some words to each of the queens. Indulge us!
RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 episode 12: Fantastic Four -- The final four battle it out performing to a remixed version of RuPaul's "American" (Rhuaridh Marr for Metro Weekly -- with embedded video clips)
Can you believe it’s been 12 weeks already? Season ten of RuPaul’s Drag Race is quickly drawing to a close, with our original fourteen queens culled down to just four: Aquaria, Asia, Eureka, and Kameron. Frankly, we’re still smarting over the unjustified elimination of Miz Cracker last week, but reality TV waits for no man.

Unsurprisingly, this final episode involves the remaining queens writing their own lyrics for a remix of one of RuPaul’s songs — in this case “American,” in what the production team must have thought was a great bit of pro-LGBTQ patriotism in the era of Trump. The final four group number is a format we’ve seen and enjoyed multiple times before, including last season’s excellent “Category Is” and the phenomenal “Read U Wrote U” from All Stars 2 — which remains the best group number in Drag Race history. (Don’t @ us.)
RuPaul - American (The Ru-Mix) (Feat. RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 10 Cast) [music video from the show, clipped and posted by a fan]

Spoiler Alert! RuPaul's Drag Race S10 Ep12 Extra Lap Recap "American” (5:02)

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: American with Raja and Raven (7:38)
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Ugh. One of these queens is not like the others.
posted by donnagirl at 7:13 PM on June 16, 2018

I'll admit it: Aquaria has grown on me over the course of the season. It helps that Aquaria herself has grown, I think. (Her evil twin look last week still looked terrible, like she had shredded TP hanging off of her cheeks. But I'm over it.)

I think a good argument can be made for any of the 4 remaining queens, but I hope Asia takes it. I usually find myself annoyed by the "pageant queens," but Asia is simply wonderful! She's not obsessed with "fishiness" above all else, she's been a mother-figure to many in the workroom, and she has the capacity to be funny as shit. (Still laughing about this.)
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I'll admit it: Aquaria has grown on me over the course of the season. It helps that Aquaria herself has grown, I think.

I feel the same way. In fact, in a complete 180° reversal of where I stood just a couple of weeks ago, I am kind of hoping she takes it. I had been rooting for Asia (well, in my heart I was pulling for Cracker, but that became moot), but I was disappointed by her reflection about what she'd said on the runway. Basically, I agree with the Vulture essay that she is inconsistent--when she's good, she's very very good, but when she's bad she's unwatchable. (I mean, bitchy Beyoncé, anyone?)

For the show, the optics of crowning a black queen or a big girl would be best. And I would be fine with Asia or Eureka taking it; among other things, they are both experienced artists and would be effective ambassadors for drag/RPDR. I like Kameron, but don't think she has the personality to sustain a win.

But if we're going on track record and astonishing personal growth over the course of the year, unless there's some kind of shocking twist in the finale, Aquaria is my top pick. (May 2018 Me would be shocked by that statement! Maybe I've grown a bit this season, too.)
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Aquaria is arrogant and occasionally insufferable, but goddamn it, she’s also talented and she works like a beast, and she’s definitely grown on me as well. Optically, it should be Asia or Eureka who wins - and they’re both amazing as well, so it’s not like they wouldn’t have earned it (though...Asia more than Eureka, in my book). But if they don’t, Aquaria taking it wouldn’t make me mad.

Kameron is pretty and seems nice and her social media makeover look was one of my faves, and she sure kills in a lip sync, but I just feel like she’s just not quite on the same level as Asia or Aquaria and I can’t put my finger on why I think that. Maybe she’s much more charismatic live? I have a Nashville friend who has seen her and adores her, so I have to think there’s something just not coming through on television.

At any rate, I remain sad about Cracker, who had really become a favorite with me.
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I'd put money on Eureka right about now. Part of Drag Race now is the brand, how the new crowned queen fits with the rest and the whole brand of Drag Race. They've never had a plus size queen before. They've had a quite a few black crowned queens, and frankly Aquaria reminds me too much of an unseasoned Violet Chachki. Ru's been there with that sort of a queen already. And Eureka will do the work, without being controversial or too edgy or whatever. She'll be good for the brand, basically. So unless one of the other queens pulls out a crazy good lip synch, I think Eureka has it.
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I have been charmed by Aquaria, and I am startled and nonplussed by this feeling.

I know it's not RuPaul's Nicest Drag Queen Race, but Kameron is so far the only one of the top four who hasn't behaved really awfully on camera at any point, and I kinda want to see the introverted, talented Queen get the crown. (Also she is extremely charming on Instagram.)

Asia's too up-and-down, although when she's on, she's the best of them. Her best runways have been better than Aquaria's best runways.

Eureka just kind of exhausts me at this point.

Overall, I really liked the NYTimes recap and wholly agree with it. They're great. They're all fine. I think Aquaria will take it, but I wouldn't be mad if someone else did. (Okay maybe a little, if Eureka did, because she would just...keep being charming and very good at what she does and also kind of deeply exhausting.)
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Yeah as much as I'm kind of meh about Eureka/don't totally get her (I think she's fine but I'm not gagged) she needs to win this. This is the best chance a plus-sized queen has ever really stood and it's time, dammit, and she's among the best of the big girls, I think. IT IS TIME NO MORE SKINNY QUEENS PLEASE.

The rest are fine, but I will stan Asia forever. Also he is the most beautiful man ever, maybe, and it made me sad that he thought no one would call him because he just seems so conscientious and lovely as a person that I can't imagine that there is no one lining up to tell him what an awesome friend he is.

I like Aquaria and she has grown on me a lot but she cannot win. No. I refuse to accept such a thing.

I am so proud of the dark horse Kameron that I will accept if that particular skinny/body builder queen wins.
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Oh also in Untucked how the queens were like "IF someone goes home today..." the jig is up and it's Morris, Rigor Morris. Bring my my queens who had some tension in the penultimate episode PLEASE.

"If" someone goes home? PLEASE.
posted by urbanlenny at 5:44 PM on June 17, 2018

Oh also in Untucked how the queens were like "IF someone goes home today..." the jig is up and it's Morris, Rigor Morris. Bring my my queens who had some tension in the penultimate episode PLEASE.

Yesssssss. I am hoping Ru sends two of them home in the penultimate episode next season ;)
posted by kalimac at 6:21 PM on June 17, 2018

it seems like this ep is basically a last-minute trainwreck removal option. didn’t get used this year.
posted by sixswitch at 7:25 PM on June 17, 2018

Our house is firmly Team Asia, but I've warmed up to Kameron a lot over the last couple weeks. I'd be happy to see anyone but Aquaria take the win (not seeing the growth some of you all have cited, sorry) and I'm prepared to be disappointed.
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