Mystery Science Theater 3000: MAC AND ME
November 22, 2018 1:47 AM - Season 12, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A wheelchair-bound kid befriends an alien, and then careens off a cliff, goes to McDonalds, gets shot up by NASA, and witnesses the alien and his family become US citizens. MST is back baby, and off to a great start for the shortened Season 12! The premise is that, while you're free to watch the episodes whenever you want, Jonah and the 'bots are supposed subjected to these six movies back-to-back! The riffing and sketches are great in this one (yes, I started watching it within minutes of it premiering on Netflix). Episode 1201 can be seen on Netflix. First aired today, November 22, 2018.

Rotten Tomatoes (Critics: 0%!, Viewers: 37%) - Wikipedia - TVTropes

IMDB (1988, 3.5 stars)
"An alien trying to escape from NASA is befriended by a wheelchair-bound boy."
Directed by Stewart Raffill. Written by him and Steve Feke. Starring Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward, Tiny Caspary and Squire Fridell as Ronald McDonald (as Ronald McDonald).

The McDonalds scene is actually much longer in the unedited movie! Here is the whole scene on YouTube. Thanks to user SquazzMuntbacker6193 for the info and link.
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It's a special day, and a very special MST Club today! STARTING AT NOON, Eastern Time, we're watching all of Season 12 in the MST Club room, at! We'll also be watching the episodes individually for the next six weeks, after which we'll return to our best-of, determined-by-poll tour. Drop by when you can, if you can!
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Holy fuck, from Wikipedia:
The film ends with the text "We'll be back!" but given its unpopularity, the planned sequel was thought to have been cancelled. Producer R.J. Louis spoke of the ending in a 2017 interview and did not immediately rule out a follow-up. Despite this, he claimed there is public interest in it because home video sales made the film profitable for Orion Pictures and opined that MAC would resonate with modern and young moviegoers.
Burn Hollywood to the ground.
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Up at 5:30 to watch the first episode, which is likely the only one I'll catch today what with cooking and family and whatnot.

Pretty solid episode. I'd never seen the movie before and only knew it from reputation and Paul Rudd. The product placement didn't bother me nearly as much as those alien costumes did.
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AlonzoMosleyFBI, don't dismiss the product placement until you've seen the full McDonalds scene linked to in the post, it seems MST3K actually improved the movie by cutting it down significantly.
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I would be completely unsurprised if Hollywood made a Mac and Me reboot/sequel. It would be identical to Earth to Echo.
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I just realized what the alien costumes reminded me of.
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(Runs to TV)
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Man, I sure could go for some Coke, McDonalds, Skittles, and Valvoline right about now.

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How you folks can resist watching Ator first, I do not understand.
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So I remember while watching The Killer Shrews MST3K (92? 93?) back in the day, my Dad walked into the room, watched a few minutes, sighed, and said, "I remember seeing this in the theater." He then sat down and watched the rest with me.

Today, friends, I sat down with my son having made sure I had no idea what movies they had picked for this season. I saw the first film and sighed, "I remember seeing this in the theater." We watched the whole thing and while I remembered a whole lot about the movie (Mars lander, DRINK COKE, CONSUME, CONSUME), I had completely forgotten how bugnuts mad things go with a gunfight and an exploding grocery store.

To my kid's credit, he immediately picked up on the shit practical effects of the movie - the strange line across the living room where Mac-in-vacuum took the neighbor girl and the lift that hoisted up Me upon his resurrection were his big C'MON moments.

We're three episodes into The Gauntlet now and Atlantic Rim has been his favorite so far, mainly because he's seen Pacific Rim. This was also the moment I realized that he has now seen Mac and Me before seeing E.T.

So, a mixed parenting bag here.
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Good God. I had heard about this movie, but seeing it is something else.

All that riffing, though? Pretty nice.
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Preeeeeeeeeeety nice!
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I had somehow managed to not watch this movie before and it's worse than I ever could have imagined.
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I found the citizenship ceremony ending even more disturbing than the alternate cut where that falling cop shoots Eric in the chest.
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Alternate cut
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Turkey Day 2018 Conclusion (cross-posted to the Metatalk thread):

Other than an early (pre-movie) visit by a jerk with a Pepe avatar who was quickly nullified by turning of audio and video chat, it went well. We had to leave the room "Open," since the alternatives required membership or invite links to enter. This meant that actually put our show on their open rooms page, and we did get a few outside visitors, but other than that HateFrog at the start they were well-behaved, and a couple even riffed along, as far as I remember.

I have to include that caveat because, unfortunately, I missed substantial parts of the show when I, whose sleep schedule has been particularly bonkers lately, passed out at times. I still managed to catch some key moments though, like the return of a long, long missing character, and Jonah's inventive comeuppance to Kinga for making him watch six terrible movies in a row.

We ended up abandoning plans to space out the episodes, opting instead to finish around 9 PM Eastern, which turned out to be the right call. worked well throughout, and when I had to leave a handful of time to relocate due to family concerns, the room didn't kick anyone out.

The show ends with many of the cast on the way to Earth to participate in the "Deep Hurting" tour while Kinga and Max are subjected to the most bizarre pitch for school band equipment there has ever been or will ever be. The show's future is, once again, in question. Other people than I have noticed that Season 12 is an abbreviated season, like Season 7 back when the show was about to be axed by Comedy Central, the kind of run that looks more like the sponsor is fulfilling legal responsibilities than a full-throated backing of the show. Netflix has claimed that, while fans love the show, it doesn't make many inroads with non-fans. Some have speculated that a factor is that Netflix doesn't own the show, unlike many of their other properties.

A 13th season, of course, would be terrific. Word is that Joel had multiple places to choose from when the Kickstarter ended, but I do not know what the status of those are. These days, popular TV shows like Simpsons and South Park, and even many other shows, just go on season after season. I hope that MST3K, the Nomadic Show, rarely at home, always in transit, can find a better place to rest for awhile.

Anyway, we're still on for our 5th annual No-Stress Christmas Marathon, December 24th & 25th (still debating 23rd). Details in MetaTalk as that approaches.
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Imagine being a young kid who'd never been to McDonald's, seeing that McDonald's scene, insisting upon going to McDonald's thereafter, being crestfallen by the reality of McDonald's, and never trusting again.

Not sure which is more bleak and distressing: the subtext of that McDonald's scene, or the apparent lifestyle of the aliens on their home planet. In the first few minutes, I kept expecting Sybok to show up and enlist them. Or Moonwalker, to club 'em to death.
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I think what got me was the insane optimism of the end. The government is just gonna be like "Sure aliens who can resurrect the dead. Let's not study them or keep them imprisoned. Let's make them citizens!" Hell even ET wasn't THAT naive.
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I also liked the dumb "people liked the song about how every country has a monster, so I guess we need to do another one" song.
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Very solid episode, welcome back!

“When visiting Bakersfield, California - reconsider!“
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To quote Manos, "...this film has certain flaws."
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This was horrible. I enjoyed every minute of the riffing.
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I've watched the last three episodes - I seem to always watch these episodes in backwards order.

It feels like this season is stronger than the last one, or maybe I'm just more familiar with the new concept. It feels less chaotic/choppy than last season, and everyone seems to be having a really good time. (At one point Kinga tells Son of TV's Frank "You should do stand up!") I also really liked seeing the surprise guest show up in episode 4 - won't say more as I don't want to give away the surprise.

Anyway - me likey.
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I absolutely died at "I want to see the movie this composer thinks he's scoring."
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I felt this season was much better too. I was sad it was only 6 episodes. I want more like this!
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This is the post for this week's episode, so the viewing announcement goes here. It's time for MST Club! Tonight (Thursday, November 29) the show starts at 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific), and the MST episode begins at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific), at the page: I hope you can make it!
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JHarris, that link took me right back here. Correct link to 'clubhouse'. And I WILL see you there.
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Oh, I wish they’d lead with Miles O’Headband. This one is gonna be hard to watch again so soon.
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By doing one-a-week non-binged non-gauntletted, we won't get to Ator (Miles O'Prequel) until January 3, 2019, but then that is ONE thing to look forward to in the new year...
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I'm in a bear suit
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Argh... sorry foop, if I mistype a link Metafilter always substitutes a link to the homepage.

It should be noted that we probably won't have a normal MST Club session the week of Christmas, so that delays the end of Season 12 at least one extra week.

It was a very good MST Club tonight! The preroll movie was The Gate, which was extremely ridiculous and riffable. The main course of course was Mac and Me. Afterward we ended up watching a particular bad episode of He-Man, the one where Skeletor has it in for the circus. A good time all around, I thought.
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I think there is some cross-over between MST fandom and Red Letter Media - you might be interested they did a re:View on The Gate.

(I also know people find them very problematic, and that's fine, I don't disagree)
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> "I also liked the dumb 'people liked the song about how every country has a monster, so I guess we need to do another one' song."

I did not realize, until my spouse pointed it out to me, that the song was also metacommentary on the "people liked a well-made movie so surely they will also come to see a hastily thrown together crap version of the same thing" film.
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It had been so long since I'd seen this movie that I'd forgotten how truly repugnant the aliens looked. The citizenship ceremony scene was like some disturbing body-horror conceptual art, like those hyper-realistic sculptures of dog-human hybrids. So many WTF moments in this movie. The kid getting shot & resurrected. The plants growing in the house for no reason. Why was Mac driving that toy car?
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Sooooooo dumb question.

Is there going to be another season or do we just not know yet?
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On one hand, I thought some of the changes were made to make it work more toward Netflix's liking. On the other hand, Jonah Ray was talking on the podcast about how the new season isn't getting much promotion. *fingers crossed*
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