Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE WILD WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN   Rewatch 
March 13, 2019 9:28 PM - Season 5, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Rewatch! MST3K has had a lot of goofy movies in its time. We watched one of the silliest, The Dead Talk Back, just last week. But in a field containing Robot Holocaust, Gamera vs. Guiron, Catalina Caper, Monster A-Go-Go, The Pumaman, Quest of the Delta Knights, Hobgoblins, Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders, Cry Wilderness, Carnival Magic and Mac And Me, this may still, ultimately, be the silliest. A woman in lingerie organizes a bunch of other scantily clad young women to fight crime and play at being "synthetic vampires," while her nemesis, the dastardly Rat Fink, attempt to steal an atomic hearing aid, by using his irresistible dancing drug, created by his mad scientist cohort, and his minion Heathcliff, who... look, it's just too ridiculous. You can see it for yourself when we watch it Thursday night! Previously
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This thing...THIS thing....

I gotta go lie down.
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I refuse to believe that this movie originated in our universe.
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As promised/threatened in the post, tonight we're watching Batwoman, among other things, at MST Club, our weekly showing of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and other weirdness. The show begins tonight at 7 PM Eastern time (that's 4 PM Pacific), with the episode itself starting at 9 PM Eastern (a more reasonable 6 PM Pacific), and it aaaall happens I hope you can make it, and good luck!
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One thing that I think Best Brains showed admirable restraint on during the entire run of MST3k are those moments where one of the three just snaps in the theater and unleashes not jokes, but pure exhasperation and anger.

It can be argued there are at least three of those moments during this movie. That should tell you something.
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So, the Wikipedia article on The Wild Wild World of Batwoman claims this movie was inspired by Batman 66, but in my mind it's more like the 40s Batman serials: It's in black and white, got a generic black-clad villain, no budget, blatant racism, and it's terrible.
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I would suggest we watch the Batman serials as pre- or post-roll, but they're both twice as long as is practical, and also terrible.
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If I were going to introduce a new person to MST3K and was putting together an essentials list, this would be toward the top, almost as high as I Accuse My Parents.
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I don't remember which movie it was where one of the riffers called it less of a movie and more of a "movie loaf," but Batwoman feels like that. An oily, murky, foul-smelling loaf.

If I were going to introduce a new person to MST3K and was putting together an essentials list, this would be toward the top, almost as high as I Accuse My Parents.

WOW, I'm not sure I could disagree more! I mean, I agree 100% about I Accuse My Parents, but this movie might be as hard for me to sit through as Monster a-Go Go. (Great short and host segments, though.) I'd be curious to know why this is a newbie-friendly one in your estimation.
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