Mystery Science Theater 3000: RED ZONE CUBA   Rewatch 
June 19, 2019 7:10 PM - Season 6, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Rewatch! We knew it was coming. Here, again, is one of the very worst movies MST ever did, most infamous of the Coleman Francis triad. A trio of criminals get involved in various adventures, go Cuba for a while, make it back to the states, do some nefarious things and die. As John Carradine says: "GRIFFIN. He went all the way to HELL." Between Cherokee Jack, Petey Plane, the "Sick Man" bit, the Dark Spectre of Food, and others, it's a classic episode, but, not for the weak of heart or quick to sleep. At least it's got a speech-and-posture short, unlikely savior it may be. Previously.
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Time once more for MST CLUB, our weekly viewing of MST3K and other interesting movies, shows and fun things. Again, it's tonight (Thursday) at 7 PM Easter to start, with the episode itself beginning at 9. It all happens at
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