Mystery Science Theater 3000: MASTER NINJA II   Rewatch 
August 27, 2020 4:36 AM - Season 3, Episode 24 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Timothy Van Patten, former Eight is Enough and White Shadow star and current bigwig TV director in Hollywood, and Lee Van Cleef, former 50s and 60s western star and current dead person, appear in a movie made from an 80s TV show in which they improbably play ninja trainee and master. One of the episodes has the two help protect a fledgling union, the other is stunt cast to pair him with a former western co-star of Van Cleef's. It was a weird show. Previously - Previously on Metafilter about The Master
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I had never heard of Monte Markham before this episode, but a rewatch last year led me down the rabbit hole. That dude has a very interesting genre career (and still going at 85). I tracked down on streaming a Post-apoc film he directed and costarred in from 1991 (that still looks very eighties) called Neon City. It's a Stagecoach ripoff that stars Michael Ironside, so you know you're in good hands.

Anyway, I find the second half of the episode extremely fun, and Markham's first dialogue scene is a big part of that.
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