Mystery Science Theater 3000: GORGO   Rewatch 
July 21, 2022 2:50 PM - Season 9, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Rewatch! It's Godzilla in the UK! A couple of guys capture a giant sea lizard and show it at a carnival, not realizing it's just a baby, and its mum is pissed. Leonard Maltin shows up in host segments. Previously.
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It's time again (Thursday evenings) for MST Club, our weekly exploration of cinema weirdness. It begins at 7 PM Eastern time and happens at The episode itself begins about two hours in, at 9 PM. Join us!
posted by JHarris at 2:51 PM on July 21, 2022

The host segment between Mary Jo and Maltin is one of the best things they ever did.
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"No Pants, Baby! NO PANTS!"
posted by AlonzoMosleyFBI at 6:53 PM on July 21, 2022

"Don't give the monster a rifle!"
posted by Saxon Kane at 7:36 PM on July 23, 2022

We're waiting.


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