Constantine: The Saint Of Last Resorts: Part 2
January 17, 2015 12:49 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

John saves himself from the invunche by possessing himself with the demon Pazuzu, but before he can self-exorcise, Pazuzu takes control of his body and kills five gang members, landing John in jail.
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DC Comics also posted this weird animated short.
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Well, I liked this a lot more than the faintly embarrassing first part; it's focused on John's exorcism and they dispatch with the less-interesting subplots pretty quickly. The ease by which people are able to sneak in and out of the prison doesn't hold up to scrutiny but it doesn't really sink the episode either, and the John / Manny interactions are more interesting than they've been in the past, with Manny giving a sense that he actually cares about what happens to John.
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DC Comics also posted this weird animated short.

Rather a bit better than the teevee version.
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The scenes for next week look like more of what we've come to expect, which is a real shame if so. It's not perfect (having Female Lead One impersonate a hooker and Female Lead Two get naked as "a distraction" in the same episode is either just kind of sexist or smacks of how desperate they are to keep eyes on the series), but this two-parter is easily the best this show has been, and a show consistently this good is one I would miss.
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Heh, the first night it's on at 8:00 and they shoot him up with heroin. If any socially conservative critics were watching, that could start an uproar.
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Wait, pazuzu...? Pazuzu? I AM PAZUZU!

I don't want no voodoo curse to come around me and make things worse.
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