Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE BUBBLE
July 27, 2023 3:54 PM - Season 13, Episode 12 - Subscribe

"A visual science fiction experience that will boggle your mind." "SPACE VISION a step beyond 3-D" This is one of those movies that makes nonsensical and arbitrary things happen, but tries to excuse it by passing them off as mysterious. Well duh, anything's a mystery if there's no possible explanation for it! A plane with three people (one of the a pregnant woman) is downed by a storm, but ends up inside a huge hollow chamber with invisible walls, in which live zombie-like people who go through the motions of their lives. Like The Mask, this was made for 3D, so there's a bunch of in-your-face effects. Unlike that film though, only the 2D version is riffed on here. Joel riffs this one! The subplot has Jonah, Emily and Joel planning their escape, through the gimmick that the Mads, for some reason, can't hear anything spoken in rhyme. I like the episode, but the movie basically just toys with its characters throughout, until the unexpectedly happy ending. Premiered November 11, 2022, in the Gizmoplex.

Episode 1312
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It doesn't seem to be on Rotten Tomatoes or TVTropes (other than as an MST3K episode).
IMDB (5.0 stars)
"Mysterious atmospheric effects force a pregnant woman and her husband to land their airplane in a remote town whose inhabitants behave zombie-like, repeating the same movements and sentences over and over. As the mystery unfolds the two find themselves trapped and search for escape."
Directed and written by Arch Oboler. Starring Michael Cole, Deborah Walley and Johnny Desmond.
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