The Adventure Zone: Ep. 26. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Nine
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In this penultimate installment of a race that has gotten wildly, profoundly out of hand, our heroes take on a trio of automotive threats. Merle starts himself a convoy. Magnus fights a shark. Taako catches up with an old friend.
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Wait, Juicywizard?
Did I miss that bit?

Where was Juicy Wizard?
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 5:00 AM on November 6, 2015

He was one of the other passengers on the Rockport Limited, AKA Graham. He was introduced in Ep. 12.

So named for his "trashy sexy" robes.

"It says Juicy on the back of his robe, where his butt would be."
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No I meant I missed him in this episode.
I may have been getting on or off the bus at the time.
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The Taco mission is still ongoing, but it's been a while since any new pieces have fallen into place. There was a discussion of 'chorizo' in this episode, I think. It didn't count as part of the quest, because Justin/Taako was the one who brought it up, but it showed that the quest is still on his mind, so hopefully there will be more progress on that front soon!
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I've been enjoying this arc.

I think that if your favorite part of the Adventure Zone is everyone coming up with inventive, surprising, and possibly ridiculous solutions to problems, then this storyline is probably your personal heaven. (Garyl!) Other aspects aren't as much to the forefront -- there's not a lot of opportunity for the party to be pointlessly mean to NPCs during the race, for instance, as there was in the Murder on the Rockport Line one, which, man, I just found all of that so delightful.
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About the taco quest--I won't spoil it in case it becomes available someday, but during the live LA Podfest sidequest episode last month, Taako discovered another crucial element of the taco. So they haven't forgotten about it.

And yes, I do miss the party harassing NPCs for no reason! Garyl completely makes up for it though.
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Justin's solution to the Shark Tank was inspired.
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