Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS
March 10, 2016 2:02 PM - Season 4, Episode 20 - Subscribe

"Made to Kill or Love on Command!!!" The first of a total of three movies starring Richard Kiel, best known as "Jaws" from the James Bond franchise. Here he's an alien who comes to earth to duplicate prominent people and replace them to pave the way for a space invasion. EHT NAMUH SROTACILPUD! There was an outpouring on the Blue a couple of years ago when Richard Kiel died. Regardless of the quality of movies he was usually in, he seemed to be genuine good guy. Len shared a particularly fun memory of Kiel. Extra bit of trivia for you, this was Hugh Beaumont's final screen role. YouTube (1h32m) Premiered December 26, 1992.

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IMDB (2.7 stars)
"An alien is dispatched from a faraway galaxy to take over the Earth by 'duplicating' humans and creating a race of zombies resembling animated pottery in this low-budget sci-fi film."
Directed by Hugo Grimaldi and Arthur C. Pierce. Written by Arthur C. Pierce. Starring George Nader, Barbara Nichols, George Macready, and Hugh Beaumont in his final role.

There's four episodes left in the fourth season and they're all classics. Two of them are strong contenders for the worst movie in MST3K's history, and the first of the two is NEXT WEEK....
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Every week we in the MST3K Club watch the episode featured in the post. This week's episode will be shown in our cytube room, at, Thursday (today, and not long from now!) at 9 PM US Eastern Time. Details are in the Club FAQ, although note that the address given there is incorrect.
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Re: Richard Kiel
(1) Passed away in 2014 and ObitFiltered (including a Joel Hodgson quote)
(2) I was considered old enough to stay up to see Twilight Zone around the time he had his breakthrough role as the alien Kanamit in "To Serve Man". I was scared of cookbooks for years after that...
(3) One of his last roles was the voice of Vlad in "Tangled" which had quite a rogues gallery of imposing voices, including Ron Perlman, Brad Garrett and Jeffrey Tambor, most of whom were just credited as "Thug".
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Next week's episode is EXTREMELY PERILOUS.
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The invention exchange in this one is one of the very best.

"Get me! I'm Joseph Conrad!"
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