Mystery Science Theater 3000: EEGAH
May 18, 2016 9:32 PM - Season 5, Episode 6 - Subscribe

"The name written in blood!" "The Crazed Love of a Prehistoric Giant for a Ravishing Teen-Age Girl!" Somewhere in the California desert, in defiance of all known anthropology, lives, in a cave, a caveman, played by a cave-Kiel, who's been given unnaturally long life by sulfur water. He comes into contact with 60s youth culture, and ends up face-down in a swimming pool, dead. Shtemlo! It's a popular episode, with pointless dune buggy scenes, whimsical editing, and much oddness to be spied. Note: in one scene Kiel laps up shaving cream with his gigantic tongue, so you may not want to watch on a full stomach. And remember, watch out for snakes! YouTube (1h32m) Premiered August 28, 1993.

Episode 506 EEGAH
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Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Wikipedia
IMDB (1962, 2.2 stars)
"Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage."
Directed by Arch Hall Sr. Written by him and Bob Wehling. Starring Arch Hall Jr., Marilyn Manning and Richard Kiel as "Eegah."
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So, so creepy.
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Every week we of the Fanfare MST3K Club watch that week's episode of the show in a chatroom. The room handles playing the episode (usually off of YouTube), but we follow along in a chatroom on the same page. This week, the show will once again be at cytube: For more (slightly out-of-date) information, please consult the club FAQ.

I've found some new stuff preroll material this week, this weird collection of video strangeness called the Oddity Archive....
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This was one of the first Mystery Science Theater episodes I ever watched, to this day remains one of my favorites. Come for the endless dune buggy driving (don't worry, they're water filled tires!) stay for the bizarre biblical denouement.
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Watch out for snakes.
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He resents my dune buggy!
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Sorry about my face
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