Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE ATOMIC BRAIN
August 11, 2016 12:14 AM - Season 5, Episode 18 - Subscribe

aka Monstrosity. "Chained... to the Devil's Love Lab!" An old woman hired three beautiful women in order to have a mad scientist exchange one of their brains with hers. One of them gets put into a cat because brain swappery isn't an exact science. With short What About Juvenile Delinquency?: A teen has a change of heart when the gang he runs with mugs his own father. Great short, weird movie. That narrator, the focus of one of the host segments, is a dirty, leering sort. Commercial lead-in! - YouTube (1h31m) - Unriffed Premiered December 4, 1993.

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Movie "Monstrosity," aka "The Atomic Brain"
Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Wikipedia - Rotten Tomatoes (Audience 15%)
IMDB (1964, 2.6 stars)
"A rich but unscrupulous old woman plots with a scientist to have her brain implanted in the skull of a sexy young woman."
Directed by Joseph V. Mascelli and Jack Pollexfen. Written by Vy Russell, Sue Dwiggins, Dean Dillman Jr. and Jack Pollexfen. Starring Marjorie Eaton, Frank Gerstle and Frank Fowler.

Short "What About Juvenile Delinquency?"
Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt
IMDB (1955, 2.4 stars)
"A teen drops out of a gang when they mug his father for his pencil."
Directed by Herk Harvey. Written by Margaret Travis. Starring Arden Booth, Tom McGinnis and Ernie Pontius.
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What about juvenile delinquency?!
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