Mystery Science Theater 3000: RADAR SECRET SERVICE
August 25, 2016 12:26 AM - Season 5, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Crooks don't stand a chance against the miracle science of RADAR, which can track down cars as long as they're moving. It's produced by demon prince Robert Lippert and directed by his archfiend Sam Newfield, so expect to be bored right to death. With short Last Clear Chance: Union Pacific wants you to be safe around their incredibly deadly, whisper-quiet trains, which, thirsty for blood, lurk at crossings, ready to strike. Why don't they look? Great short! The movie, however, is at true test of your MSTie endurance. The riffing is pretty good for most of it, about as good as you can expect from such a gray, static pile of film as this. It is a film that would lead aliens to conclude the planet Earth could hold no joy. YouTube (1h32m) Premiered December 18, 1993.

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Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Wikipedia - Rotten Tomatoes (Critics N/A, Audience 0%!)
IMDB (1950, 1.8 stars)
"G-men track stolen Uranium-238 shipment using new radar technology; they also recruit the girlfriend of a gang member as an informant. Radar helps, but it takes an undercover blonde to really get the goods on criminal masterminds."
Directed by Sam Newfield. Written by Beryl Sachs. Starring John Howard, Adele Jergens, Tom Neals.

Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Wikipedia
IMDB (1959, 2.5 stars)
"On the day young Alan receives his driver's license, Officer Hal Jackson visits the Dixon farm to sternly lecture the family on the dangers of carelessness at railroad crossings."
Directed by Robert Carlisle. Written by Leland Baxter. Starring William Boyett, Harold Agee and "Mrs. Harold Agee."
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  1. This week, I will be out of town until right before the show starts! I have to make a quick trip earlier in the day. I should be able to make it back before showtime, but if I am late then that is why. You guys can get started without me if I'm late due to some unexpected circumstance. Because of this, you shouldn't expect much of a preroll this time, unless the other room moderators decide to supply one themselves....
  2. Next week MST3K Club goes on vacation, as I will be at DragonCon! The week after that (where we're showing 521 SANTA CLAUS) so far looks okay, but please stay tuned for late-breaking updates....

posted by JHarris at 12:33 AM on August 25, 2016

Why don't they look?
posted by hobgadling at 5:41 AM on August 25, 2016 [3 favorites]

Silly hob, trains don't have eyes, they only have engine ears!
posted by valkane at 6:52 AM on August 25, 2016 [1 favorite]

I know, you're just going to make that pun..a little bit
posted by hobgadling at 7:13 AM on August 25, 2016 [1 favorite]

posted by wittgenstein at 7:53 AM on August 25, 2016

...oh, those Golden Grahams
...oh, those Golden Grahams
posted by tomboko at 8:50 AM on August 26, 2016 [2 favorites]

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