Mystery Science Theater 3000: COLOSSUS AND THE HEADHUNTERS
November 10, 2016 12:03 PM - Season 6, Episode 5 - Subscribe

aka Maciste Vs. The Headhunters. "In a Time of Titans, Colossus Towered Above All!!!" Overexposed Italian muscleman everybeef Maciste fights... (spins the wheel of antagonists) ...evil island tribesmen. Whoever the heck Colossus is, he's not in the movie. It's probably only an inability to shoehorn this into Greek myth that's the reason translators didn't try to turn this into another Hercules movie. This is the episode with Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter. Promos (1m) YouTube (1h32m) Premiered August 20, 1994.

Satellite News - MST3K Wikia - Mighty Jack's MST3K Review (he likes it) - War of the Colossal Fan Guide (rates it so-so)

Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Rotten Tomatoes (as Maciste contro i cacciatori di teste, Critics N/A, Viewers 6%) - Wikipedia
IMDB (1963, 1.7 stars)
"Maciste and his people flee their volcano-ravaged island. They end up caught in between two warring tribes."
Directed and written by Guido Malatesta. Starring Kirk Morris, Laura Brown and Demeter Bitenc.

Daddy-O lists a total of 35 Maciste movies. Another of them was redubbed and made into 410 HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN.

This episode doesn't end with a button press.
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I'm kind of down today, but I think we are going to have a showing tonight, same place and time: 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT, at
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I will be there and I will be square, and I will try to up my chatwindow riffing game just to help out those of you who are down. (Not that I'm not too... but I've worked the 'laugh through the tears' process before like the no-makeup clown I am)
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The real world shall not intrude into our shared re-runs! Forward into the past!
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I have a chorus rehearsal, so I will probably miss this one which is a shame. It's another one of my favorites.
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Well, in your honor, wittgenstein, we should show the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the mini musical number:
"Oh we're the boys of the chorus,
We hope you like our show.
We know you're rooting for us,
But now we have to go-o-o-o"

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