Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?
January 14, 2017 7:40 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Rebecca and Josh travel to her Mom's house for a family bar mitzvah. Daryl gets to know the New Guy as he continues to terrorize the office. <3 Patti Lupone <3 guest stars.
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Another amazing performance by Tovah Feldshuh as Rebecca's Mom. Look at her crazy dancing during the Suffering number!

I love the exploration of Josh as a guy who loves everything and is loved by everyone he meets. And I love that Rebecca is in denial about how much she doesn't like that.
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Note to whoever does costume or props or whoever would be in charge of something like this: blood doesn't stay that red for long.
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My spouse said "They got tape of Patti Lupone gasping for air! That must be a first!"
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I loved this episode so much! I almost squealed with glee when Audra Levine showed up, and that scene was a delight, though I would have loved a reprise of the Jap Battle from last season.

I was glad we finally got some resolution re: Valencia, and I thought her role in the arc of the episode was really interesting - she was the first person who was able to sow some of the seeds of doubt that bloomed later on.

Another interesting thing: this episode explores Josh's relentless good cheer and extroversion as it relates to Rebecca's sarcasm and misanthropy. In the first season, the depiction of Valencia sometimes verged on shrewish. But she's actually quite a bit like Rebecca - smarter than Josh, pretty sharp-witted and -tongued. Interesting that his character keeps choosing these types of women.
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Also, so, is the New Guy now redeemed, or something? Witnessed by Darryl in a moment of weakness, turned around? Or what? Kind of ridiculous?
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Just for the record, social networks that Rebecca and Josh used to announce their relationship:
Draw Something
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I'm so happy that the Garfinkel ring is back. I was seriously bothered by its being pawned and seemingly forgotten. So satisfying. The almost-breakthrough/propsoal at the end was amazing too. Dr. Akopian was basically all of us in that scene. I just loved the heck out of this episode and want Rebecca's mother to move to California so we get more of her.
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"Finished quick, rotten lay" right out of the JAP rap battle from last season. Heh.
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Her MOM sang "Period Sex." OMFG.
I loved the ABBA number. And outfits.

Of course Rebecca has fucked Audra's husband.

Josh's happy nature and Rebecca's East Coast-ness... well, opposites attract. i love how Josh gives good parent.

I loved the rabbi.

I should try to remember to ask my shrink what she thought of the last scene.
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I thought this episode was fun, and I liked the effect the experiences had on Rebecca.

It seems though that the lyric writing in some of the songs is getting tired. Like in the 70s pastiche they're mostly just forcing descriptive prose to scan with the beats. That's kind of funny as a joke song concept, but it feels like they're hitting it a lot. Like the stalk me on instagram song from a few episodes ago, some of the lines are funny and all, but they haven't really taken the time to configure them as song lyrics, it's almost more recitative than aria, and when that happens frequently it starts feeling like they're running out of gas.

By contrast, songs like Tap That Ass and Settle For Me and Sh*tshow have lyrics that hit the funny-because-it's-true buttons and the wow-what-clever-and-delightful-lyrics buttons ("A play about pieces of feces is what we are together" is just one of the greatest lines ever).

I know the show is probably resource-starved, and it's still one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV, but it feels like they're kind of skating on the lyrics sometimes and I find myself a little disappointed.

I'm sorry to say I was also a bit disappointed with the suffering song. The performances were great, Patti LuPone sounded awesome, but I was expecting a more insightful take on the subject. When they were setting it up I really thought it was going to be a "Rebecca translates traditional Jewish song into Goy for Josh to show how the celebration masks the suffering" concept, but it ended up being just kind of a shallow pass over some well-worn tropes. It was entertaining to watch, but it felt like a big missed opportunity for combining pathos, humor and insight which is something this show has demonstrated it can do better than any other show out there.
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The almost-breakthrough/propsoal at the end was amazing too. Dr. Akopian was basically all of us in that scene.

Doesn't she have a receptionist, though?
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"We'll Never Have Problems Again" was magnificent, a spot-on parody of both the stupid optimism of the early stages of a relationship and of Soul Train/70s disco tv performances. Heather's Soul Train dance-away was gold.

"Live fadeout... Live fadeout... Live fadeout... Live fadeout... Live fadeout... Live fadeout..."
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And ohmygosh, the bit with the therapist finally seeing a light at the end of the miserable tunnel of defeat that is being Rebecca's counselor... only to have it snatched away. Nice way to have the audience's inevitable hackles turned into on-screen comedy.
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To my viewing, this was the most emotionally complex episode the series has run to date. The bit at the end, where Rebecca is about to have a psychological breakthrough in realizing that no relationship is going to fix the broken parts of her but ultimately losing out to "BUT, BUT SHINY RING" felt very true to many real life scenarios from my own life and that of many of my friends (with "ring" being a stand-in for any number of superficial things).
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Oh, and as someone who was born and raised Jewish, I love when the show goes for the more overt Jewish humor like in this episode (tried to turn my 81-year-old Jewish mom on to CEG, thinking she might enjoy those aspects as well, but way too crass for her taste)
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YOU GUYS, Rebecca's feelings about Josh are all about camp — West Covina is just camp for her. Not part of her real life, her family life, her Audra Levine frenemy life. This episode really nestled into the idea that Josh, beautiful, sunny, Josh is built on fantasy, and she's choosing to continue her fantasy life.

(To the detriment of real people, whose lives are being destroyed, like Valencia.)
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Agreed, purpleclover, and even Rebecca and Josh are destroying themselves- Josh could be focusing on building a real life for himself instead of burrowing in with Rebecca.
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Oh man, even Rebecca's encouraging Josh to work at the Aloha Tech Center way, way back in last season now seems so sinister.
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He could have gotten an actual job!
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- How delightful is Father Brah? The show is doing the BEST job of just sprinkling him in. Not enough to get tired of him, just enough for these little delightful bits. The weed in the tree! I laughed my face off.

- I like how they don't even brush up against the big conflict of Rebecca being Jewish and Josh being so Catholic he has a personal relationship with a priest. Maybe next week when they start (where are my scare quotes?) "wedding planning."

- Heather's "starting with a hypothesis and then finding a Vox article to back it up" = LOVE
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Oh man, even Rebecca's encouraging Josh to work at the Aloha Tech Center way, way back in last season now seems so sinister.

I see that more as bad advice given because of the headspace she was in at the time. Of course, at that moment she was going to respond to someone saying "I've always really wanted to [follow some stupid idea that is transparently not a good idea]" by saying, "YEAH, MAN! GO FOR IT!" At that moment in her life, while she was neck deep in her own disastrous following of terrible ideas/stupid dreams? Of course that was what she said.

I don't think it's sinister. It's just what happens when people who are a hot mess give life advice.
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I guess "sinister" is the wrong word. More like chilling—it's the moment Josh first breaks with reality at Rebecca's urging. (I mean, in my current casual recollection of the series.)
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* Darryl calls himself the number 2 to Nathaniel, dangling, waiting to make a splash. Asks him if there are any rumblings for a deuce. Did not catch that bit of foreshadowing on the first watch.

* Also noticing how Nathaniel does that quick inhale before he picks up his dad's phone call. And how he talks to his dad as opposed to how he talks to others.

* That's a nice moment between Darryl and Nathaniel - when Darryl realizes that his own withholding, unloving dad is in his head, and that Nathaniel needs the same affirmation and support that he does, and then supplies it. Darryl's needy as hell but he has a good heart.
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